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The Prophecy of Jubilees by Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel ^ | January 1, 2010 | Unattributed

Posted on Friday, January 01, 2010 5:51:59 PM by GiovannaNicoletta

In June of 2009 an e-mail was sent to subscribers concerning a little known Rabbinic prophesy according to Israel Today. According to this article, Rabbi Judah Ben Samuel was a top Talmudic scholar in Germany. Just before he died in the year 1217 he prophesied that the Ottoman Turks would rule over the holy city of Jerusalem for eight jubilees. That is 400 years (8 x 50). The Ottoman Turks did take control of Jerusalem 300 years after the Rabbi’s death in 1517 and as according to the prophecy, the Ottoman Turks then lost Jerusalem 400 years later in 1917. It was during WWI that British General Edmund Allenby walked into Jerusalem on Hanukkah without firing a shot in 1917. The timing of this with the holiday and the ease at which it occurred indeed make this moment of history extremely significant.

In the book, Signs of the End, the significance of this date and its events helped launch the book. This was without even knowing of the Rabbi’s prophecy. They key was Allenby’s entrance into Jerusalem during Hanukkah. With the first world war underway with nation rising against nation and kingdom against kingdom there was added importance. In 1917 all nations that were involved in the war had become involved. But the kickoff day for WWI was the 9th of Av 2014, when Russia and Germany entered the war establishing the plurality of nations involved in the war. In doing a study on the day counts found in Daniel, these two days came up on the radar screen at the same spacing and these days were the second day of Hanukkah (Kislev 26) and the 9th of Av. With these days occurring in 1914 and 1917, it was found that 100 years later that the same day counts of Daniel occur. This with 100 years being the limit of a generation found in the Bible (as defined by Abraham’s 4 generations of a total of 400 years-–is it a coincidence that the Rabbi’s prophesy of 400 years also ends in 1917?).

The Rabbi then went on to say that after the eight jubilees, the ninth jubilee would have Jerusalem being a no-man’s-land, which it was from 1917 to 1967 until the Six-Day-War. The Rabbi’s prophecy then stated that in the tenth Jubilee that Jerusalem would be controlled by Israel and then the Messianic end times would begin. That would then bring the time to 2017.

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A very intriguing Prophecy!!  Gen 6;3-7 tells how Mans years will be limited to 120 years!  Many have conjectured that since clearly the chronologies indicate that many were still living a lot longer than that,  this may be another allusion to the Biblical time frame!  I have heard that this passage may be alluding to the Jubilee year in which case 120x50=6000 years of Man.

A well known Talmudic prophecy states that there would be 2000 years of chaos, 2000 years of Torah, 2000 years of Messiah and 1000 years of Shabbat. We are nearing the end of the 2000 x 3 = 6000 years. The Jubilee Prophecy makes more sense (for a timeline) than anything else that I have heard and read since the counting of years were accounted to the year of Jubilees.  Messiah ben David has to come in a year of Jubilee in order to set (all) the captives free. "After the last trump" that Yeshua AND Raav Shaul speak about happens on Yom Teruah every year. The Day of Judgement happens on G-d's calendar as well as this is the same Day as Yom Kippur. While I won't set dates like some of the Christians do, we can know THE season in which to be ready like the story about not running out of oil.

Unfortunately I have agree that there are quite a few "cranks" among us!  I wish I could say their date setting is harmless! but it`s not!  They are muddying the waters for people who could have taken the Bible more seriously.  I too have come to believe that the Messiahs return will be on the fall feast timetable (we just don`t know which one)  Could you by any chance tell me when the next Jubilee year "should" be?

Dear Yacov,

I personally believe in this prophecy, and my main argument is the Jubilee year of 1917 (and 1967, and 2017).

The biblical year starts in Aviv, thus the Jubilee year 2017/18 will end mid-March 2018 (and I personally believe that Yeshua will have returned by then).

Attached are a few very short files/charts which touch upon this subject (FYI).



PS: re. the timelines: red = solar years, blue = prophetic years (360 days each), green = lunar years


















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