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God has given me a prophetic work to do. It's practical, prophetic and physical all at the same time. Currently the work reveals the need for the Two Houses to Function as one. The practical work shows slow building not yet completed. Any insight!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? I so long for this to be completed..............It's God's desire that we reconcile (tribes) and function as One. I am so discouraged to see groups thinking they have an exclusive we are so meant to share what he reveals.......................I am not seeing unity not the unity that God desires..................he is so sad....................

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God said "Two Houses" when I was completing another phase of restoring an old farmhouse he wanted me to buy in 2004, for end time purposes. As this was way beyond my capabilities I would seek him on every aspect of this. The phase going on when he said "'Two Houses" was connecting the mother in law apartment to the main house, the walls are down they are connected, but both upstairs and down neither function as one, the building is very slow. God tells me it is symbolic of what is going on in the end times where we are in it. There is also a work he had me complete last fall outside concerning the precious ones all about oneness, so many phases, but they aren't functioning like one yet. There is still to be a reconciliation and regathering by a move of his spirit. I have researched what he has Revealed and am led to the Torah. My definition would be the Two houses of Israel.













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