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These are difficult times, and this is only the beginning, because from now on a lot of World changes are going to happen.


It is time to know yourself, it is time to awake.


Related with this I would like to share with you the book: "Hercolubus or Red Planet".

The author, V.M. Rabolu, predicts great World changes soon, but the most important information in this book is the keys to survive to that.


This book gives us a map showing a way, a path for all those who really want to change and whose heart keeps a spiritual yearning.


I could try to explain that but it is better that you read it directly from the author.


You can get a free copy of it in the site:


You can be sure that this could be the most important book you will ever read.


Have inner peace





"From every thousand that look for me, one finds me.

 From every thousand that find me, one follows me.

 From every thousand that follow me, one reaches me."

Jesus Christ


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Hello Craig,


Please do not criticize the book without read it.


Read it and tell me after, that you think.


I really have shared with you the biggest treasure I have found till now.
















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