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Chess since its inception around 600,

has been ridiculed, ignored, banished

and has only become the second

most played game after soccer

in our world.



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     My father taught me how to play chess when I was 13, and I have loved the game ever since.  Not for nothing do those who love it call it the royal game.   And playing chess helps us to develop our minds regarding matters of life in general.  It teaches us to become totally logical in our thinking, which we must develop if we are to be successful in our lives.   And right logic goes hand in hand with right spiritual understanding.  The two are inseparable.  Realizing this, we can understand what YHWH means when He says the people of spiritual Babylon are made  "drunk" (illogical and insane) on the wine (false doctrine) of her (the Roman church's) fornication (false, anti-Scriptural teaching.   YHWH'S Torah, we will see, is always based on sane, logical reasoning, which is why it is shown to be based on truth.   So let us all align our minds with His Torah, convert to it, and remain converted to it, for our spiritual and sanity's sake, as well as showing due loyalty to Him.  -Ed













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