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I found a facsimile of Torat HaMashiach by Sebastian Munster however it is missing the first 9 chapters of the Hebrew Hebrews though it has the entire MattiYAHUW.  I am very eager to study this text through and through.  Could you help me find a complete facsimile?

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I had this little book in my hands in a French Library (Librairie Ste Genevieve in Paris) and I got a microfilm of it.


But I don't know how to have a paper copy of it.

I found a copy of it online but again it is missing the first 9 chapters.  Could they take pictures of it or scan it and put on a file?  If they microfilmed it for you they probably already have it on a disk of some type.  Torat HaMashiach is a large document, I only need the Hebrews section.

There are 2 printed editions of MattiYAHUW from Sebastian Munster.

The first one published in 1537 is a big format book which only contains the Gospel.

The second one published in 1557 is a little book which includes at the end the Hebrew Hebrews.

First Edition 1537 in Basilea:
I went to Bibliotheque Ste Genevieve in Paris to look at the book. I was not allowed to see the original book but they had a microfilm available for students.

While reading the microfilm, I made hard copies of each pages of the microfilm. So I obtained a copy of the first book.

The printed book has poor characters. The microfilm copy is not perfect, and my copy accumulate these faults.

I sent copies of my copies to several friends, including Joe Vial which had difficulties to keyborad the text in order to make a complete comparison of Munster and DuTillet manuscripts.

If you have a copy of this edition, no chance for you.

2dn Edition 1557 in Basilea

In another visit to Bibliotheque Ste Genevieve in Paris, I could put a hand on this little book, tightly supervised in order not to damage the precious book.

To obtain a copy, I had to pay to make an original microfilm, and to pay more to have a microfilm copy of it.

But at home I have no way to use or read it.


Edition from Jean Cinquabres

This pupil of Munster published again the first edition of his teacher, adding in notes variants presented by Munster.

Cinquarbre did not explain from where the variants are coming. Perhaps from the lessons of his teacher, or from other books published by Munster (Munster, a Hebrew teacher, published several Hebrew handbooks for his pupils, lost today).













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