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The Letter to the Hebrews from an Old Hebrew Text

The original Hebrew text of Hebrews as published by Munster's edition of 1557 with English in parallel columns and with critical notes. Although the Greek version of the Epistle to the Hebrews has become the standard text used in Christendom, the "Church Fathers" of Christendom openly admitted that the Letter to the Hebrews had been originally written in Hebrew and was later translated into Greek. Eusebius in the fourth century referred to a now lost writing by Clement of Alexandria written around the year 200 C.E. which Eusebius cites as follows:

In the work called Hypotyposes, to sum up the matter briefly he [Clement of Alexandria] has given us the abridged accounts of all the canonical Scriptures, the Epistle to the Hebrews he asserts was written by Paul, to the Hebrews, in the Hebrew tongue; but that it was carefully translated by Luke, and published among the Greeks.
(Clement of Alexandria; Hypotyposes (c. 200 CE) referred to by Eusebius in Eccl. Hist. 6:14:2)

And Eusebius himself testified:

For as Paul had addressed the Hebrews in the language of his country; some say that the evangelist Luke, others that Clement, translated the epistle.

(Eusebius (4th Cent.); Eccl. Hist. 3:38:2-3)

Finally Jerome wrote of Hebrews:

He (Paul) being a Hebrew wrote in Hebrew, that is, his own tongue and most fluently while things which were eloquently written in Hebrew were more eloquently turned into Greek.

(Jerome (4th Cent.); Lives of Illustrious Men, Book V)

In 1537 Munster published Hebrew Matthew which he had obtained from the Jews (this Hebrew text was very similar to the Hebrew Matthew published in 1553 by Jean DuTillet). Twenty years later, in 1557, a second edition of Munster's Hebrew Matthew was printed, this time also containing the complete Hebrew text of the Letter to the Hebrews in an appendix. This second edition went largely unnoticed and was soon forgotten.

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