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While things which were eloquently written in Hebrew were more eloquently turned into Greek

The question about this Hebrew Hebrews version is: "-Does this version come from the original letter written by Paul in Hebrew?"

In Christendom, many scholars discarded Paul as the author of the Greek version of Hebrews because they didn't recognize Paul typical writing style.

But Jerome wrote "things which were eloquently written in Hebrew were more eloquently turned into Greek".

Is this is true, the Greek version we have neither has been written in Greek by Paul, nor is a mere translation from Hebrew to Greek.

In deed, it should be an adaptation from Jewish arguments written in typical Jewish style, often impossible to translate for a Greek mind.

I have to explain a point: contrary to the other letters Paul wrote to Goyims in usual language in order to be understandable by every people, this letter to Hebrews is based on what is very peculiar for Torah observant Jewish people accustomed to a special language and a peculiar way to explain theological arguments.

For instance, if today somebody intends to translate a paragraph of the Talmud to English, translating each Aramaic word or idea to its corresponding English equivalent, it is well possible this translation produce an unintelligible text, because Talmud has a way to explain things completely different than our modern language.

Furthermore, the author of the letter writes for people whose ancestor lived a peculiar history, events which have been understood in a peculiar way, and this author implies many ideas only evident for this peculiar people.

In order to be intelligible by Goyims, the man who adapted the Hebrew Hebrews to Greek had to change complete sentences, transforming the way the author explained his arguments, in order to make the same arguments intelligible to Greek people.

So, if "things which were eloquently written in Hebrew were more eloquently turned into Greek" is true, it is comforting scholars doesn't recognize Paul typical writing style.

For me, this is a sign the author wrote this letter in Hebrew, and allows the possibility for the Munster Hebrew Hebrews coming from the Hebrew Paul original letter.

This sign is necessary, but is not sufficient to be a proof.

Now, an analysis of the Munster version shows the arguments and the language are from a Jewish Pharisee.

And we know Paul was a Pharisee, taught by Gamliel. If the style and the way of thinking and explaining correspond to what we know of Gamliel and authors of this time, there is a better possibility this Munster version comes from a Hebrew original from Paul.

And if the topic, the way to explain, and above all the temperament correspond to what we know of Paul, who else could have written this text?

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