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Iwas a jw I resigned about 12 years ago . i was bitter at them for a while ifelt like i was lied to im no longer bitter they are just misguided. what ruined it for me was there own literature .there old litarature . they were worried about me being mislead by apostate material but it was there own litarature that did it .although they may be misguided they are very effective  because they have a minestery school that trains them to do the door to door and they go out two by two and they do have alot of truths that  christiandom does not have and all jw are of one mind also there minestery school is traing them for public speaking, there school is  of the same quality as a college public speaking course, you never graduate there school . i remember one of the things that impressed me into becomming one of them was when i was attending as an aproved assoiate. that is what they call  a person that is making good progress toward becomming a jw. any way i sat in on a minestery school lesson wich i could not particapate in untill i became a  baptized member. at that meeting there was a 9 year old boy that was handleing the word more eliquiently than most minesters can. they are very close knit and controlled and organized. at first it seems like only yah could do that . befor you can becomea member you must have a grip on basic truths about the condition of the dead . the truth about hell about reserection and what they call the kingdom and then some of there own twisted doctrine then you can be baptized and become a member.  why cant we do the same thing are we sopposed to at this time ?i feel it is comming .we are the ones that will be doing the preaching work during trib . even though we dont  have a central governing body on earth there is no need of one ours is in heaven that is why we all have scriptures so the father and son can guide us from heaven. we dont need a minestry school we have the word the rauach kopdesh will put the words in our mouths but first we need to be nurtured with the word and be mature in the truth  so we can be effective minesters for yahuah and his son yahushuah  so brothers and sisters dig in and know the scriptures the father is not going to put any other words in our mouth than what is written in scriptures this is the source of those words shalom brothers and sisters sincerly brother stu

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Do you have any recommendations as to the best way to share the Truth with current JWs or an "approved associate"?



it is very hard because they have a lot of truths that most of christianity does not have it is easy for them to convince there followers that they have the line on the truth and that they are the true and only channle of the truth.they will lead them to belive that the truth was revealed to them through the watch tower and bible tract socitey and they are the faithfull and descreet slave way is to ask questions . like when did they stop celebrating the holidays they will reply 1927 then you can ask why so long since the truth was allready known about the holidays and point to the two babylons by alexander hishlopi belive 1884 correct me if im wrong . this will get them to think . and realize that truth was here on the earth befor thaty were a religion . it is tough because they are convinced they have the truth and are very well trained at the arts of sophestry and persausive argument. they are trained to dominate the conversation . just ask leading quistions then reveale that you have the truth on ressurection the state of the dead that hell is realy the grave that yahuahs name is sacered  and about yahushuah being his son and not part of a trinity these are important points because they belive that you cannot come to these truths without there help. shalom brother they are tough nuts to crack    


can not be any harder than me, as I have learned these things and am still in the process of learning more. Do not give up on them, as you said share the things you have in common and then share stuff that is blatantly obvious that they are wrong about. Once they see the things that are obvious that should jump start them to seek out more. 

Say what was in the JW' tracts that set you to rethinking? Sounds like a good place to start. I mean if their tracts are flawed point out those part which will self destruct upon it'self. 

Anyway I am glad for you and me both coming out of false religions. I was a Baptist, Owe Vey!













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