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Compare this with Matt. 3:16-17

The heavens will be opened,
and from the Temple of glory,
sanctification will come upon him,
With a Fatherly voice, as from Abraham to Isaac.
And the glory of the Most High shall burst forth upon him.
And the Spirit of understanding,
And sanctification shall rest upon him in the water.
-Test. Of Levi 18:6-7)

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The Testament of Levi is one of my favorite extra-Scriptural texts.
I wonder if each of the Testaments speaks especially to the descendants of each particular tribe?
Many who are called "Jewish (Ashkenazi)" are actually from other tribes - and most who bear the last name Cohen are not descendants of Aharon, or even from Levi.
In fact, Cohen is the most common Jewish / Yahudic surname - even though it is by definition not a Yahuda tribal name, but Levi tribal name.

Anaiah Priel (Andrew P) Carlson said:
that is a very interesting concept. Not necessarily so, but you may be on to something. Only thing is, I myself have been able to figure out that it seems pretty clear that I have a lot of Jewish Ashkenazi Blood in me, and the Testament of Judah doesn't especially speak to me. The Testament that always stood out in my mind was the Testament of Reuben. I just feel really connected to Reuben. Perhaps I am from both the Tribe of Judah and Tribe of Reuben.













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