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While reading today's torah portion, which covered the birth of 11 sons and a daughter of Jacob, I pondered how closely spaced the ages of the kids would be.  Jacob worked for Laban for 20 years.  The first seven were as a bachelor.  He then marries two women one week apart.  Here's the following scenario:

Leah conceives and bares Reuben

Leah conceives again and bares Simeon

Leah conceives again and bares Levi

Leah conceives again and bares Judah

Rachel is barren and gives her handmaid, Bilhah, to Jacob

Bilhah conceives and bares Dan

Bilhah conceives again and bares Naphtali

Leah then gives her maid, Zilpah, to Jacob

Zilpah conceives and bares Gad

Zilpah conceives and bares Asher

Leah "purchases" a night with Jacob

Leah conceives and bares Issachar

Leah conceives and bares Zebulun and Dinah

Rachel finally conceives and bares Joseph


In Genesis 30:25, after Joseph was born, Jacob asked to leave Laban, but Laban asked Jacob to stay to earn flocks. Verse 31:41 clarifies that he worked fourteen years for the daughters and six years for the cattle.  So, all the children seemingly were born in the second seven years, before all the cattle mating.  This verse also tells how Laban changed his wages ten times, suggesting that several years have passed during the cattle section as Laban sees the outcome of the various matings.


So, in seven years, Leah seems to have had six pregnancies. 


I checked this chronology in the Book of Jubilees and found this:


year (year of Jacob's service) birth

2122 (8) 9/14 - Reuben

2123 (9)

2124 (10) 10/21 Simeon

2125 (11)

2126 (12)

2127 (13) 1/1 Levi; 6/9 Dan

2128 (14)

2129 (15) 3/15 Judah

2130 (16) 7/5 Naphtali

2131 (17) 8/12 Gad

2132 (18) 5/4 Issachar

2133 (19) 11/2 Asher

2134 (20) 1/4 Joseph; 7/7 Zebulon & Dinah

2135 1/21 fled; 3/13 Laban overcomes Jacob


While this seems to be an easier pace of childbearing, there are two issues.  the first is that the cattle appear to have multiple bearings after this arrangement is made, both in the description of the end of Genesis 30, and the fact that Laban changed his wages ten times.  Average gestation time for a sheep is 150 days.  Typically sheep go into heat after the fall equinox, are sheared right before birth in the spring, and nurse their young for up to six months, when they start to go into heat again.  It is possible for lambing to occur as frequently as about every 8 months the closer one lives to the equator.


The second issue is the timing.  Genesis said that Jacob had fled for three days before Laban was told.  Then Laban pursued for seven days, for a total of ten days.  However, Jubilees records that Laban overcame Jacob almost two months later.


Any ideas on how to reconcile these?



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