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Chapter 2 states that there are 4 creations on the 6th day. Two types of animals and two types of humans. If I am correct with this so far, then the female was counted among the 4 which puts her among the 22 creations that came directly from our Creator. Then came the Sabbath Day which separates the story at this point.

Chapter 3 picks up the story on the second 6 day period (week 2). It states that on the next 5 days ‘Adam’ was naming all the animals. This is when our Creator sees that ‘Adam’ has no helper/helpmeet/companion.

Then between Day 5 and 6 of week 2 we are first introduced to ‘the woman’, a creation created from a part of ‘Adam’. It seems that this woman is an indirect creation. A creation taken (created) from one of the 22 original creations. It goes on to say that ‘Adam’ was created the first week, and the woman created from ‘Adam’ was created on week two.

They were both created on Day 6, but in two different weeks. ‘Adam’ is a plural term, ‘the woman’ is not.

Then we have birthing laws being explained and a male and female being brought into the land Eden at two different times, which coincide with these birthing laws—according to the birth of a female daughter.

Eden is sacred and it was referred to as a land, in which a ‘garden’ was planted.

Then a family is planted in this sacred land.

Afterwards ‘Adam’ and the woman sin by eating from the wrong tree. As if they are being fruitful and multiplying with the wrong tree of life, kinda like a family tree, a source of fruit other than a pre-existing source or female.

Whatever this sin is, it is enough to defile a Sacred Land and get kicked out. Something defiled the ground and needed to be covered up, something that lead to the earths soil being cursed for ‘Adam’.

The ‘woman’ now seems to be cursed with a kind of submission to the male. As if she is now married to him, but does not become an equal because she was always the daughter and not the mother. She is the female from the 2nd Day Six, not the female from the 1st Day Six that was counted among the four creations of that day and the 22 creations of that week.

Skip ahead to Lot leaving Sodom with his daughters and the daughters thinking that their father might just be the last man left, they decide to have sex with him and then name both their sons as having come from their dad/father. This is stated to not have occurred since the time of ‘Adam’.

My question is,
Could men have overlooked evidence, and misunderstood what Scripture was saying?

I’ve compared this theory with Genesis and found nothing significant contradicting this theory. It’s as if it all got blurred together and misunderstood.

I’m not saying this is more than my own theory, I just came across this evidence that suggests a deeper story hidden in grammar, metaphors, idioms, and misperceptions. Any thoughts?

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