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Shalom everybody! There is something I want everybody to have a very close look into it. It is something I came over in the last 2 weeks which is very much concerning me and because it is so negative in my eyes I also can "see" the danger it is doing to the sheep and goats so to speak. It looks like on the first view being a great thing to be falling into the category of bringing Ephrayim back to his homeland and uniting with his brother Yahudah. But what it really does is chocking to me and should be addressed for what it is. Before I go into detail and judgement, please go onto this website

Please read the whole thing until the very bottom of the page and do not leave out especially the disclaimer. !!
Let me know what you think.

There is an organisation called "Kol ha Tor", and its leader is Ovadyah Avrahami who works together with an orthodox rabbi, Mr. Avraham Feld. I have been coming over him already longer time ago and I thought he is one of them who understands the scriptures very well about Ephrayim coming back to Israel, as Yahudah is still in the process too, and we both get bound together in unity to be the one stick in the hand of Yah ac. to the Ezk. prophecy, the redeemed and reunited and one new man in the Messiah.

But what happens actually ac. to the false doctrine they both with Ovadyah on the lead are spreading is, to bring 2 brothers together under the condition of that Ephrayim humbles himself under Yahudah and their still until today exsisting orthodox rulings, and interpretations of Torah by saying and "613 laws" that all Torah is oral and doing away with he sacrifice Yahushua did for all of us, but ac. to them only for the nations and Ephrayim, but for Yahudah it is not relevant, not of need, because Yahudah has been stayed faithful to Yah, never got send away and doesn't need to be saved by Yahushua! They stayed and never were under the yoke of paganism neither got effected by it. So that might be true for some of Yahudah, a true remnant core which actually always has been in The Land since old, but they do need as well as everybody else get saved , redeemed, by the blood sacrifice of Yahushua??! All have sinned also them. It was Yahushua Himself who said that we shall be cautious about the sourdough of the pharisees. Now they do not need the blood sacrifice of our redeemer and messiah King ? I am not a teacher and I have been many times taught wrong and even been abused by false teachings, what is my own fault , because it is up to me to prove or disprove, but so much I can say for sure that this is a lie, that Orthodox Jews are saved. Only when they really accept Yahushua into their life and accept Him as Master and King over their new life which is actually His life, for a crooked sinful one in exchange.

I am not sure if I can ask so much of you James, but this is an hardcore issue and I would love to hear about it from you how You would disapprove this deceptive doctrine, that the Jews are saved.

All hats up for what Jews had to go through and survived, but that makes them neither saved nor righteous ..I am a German born and it breaks my heart to know what once under this idiot happened and how guilty so many were in this and it breaks more so my heart to hear Yahudah is the big exception , the eye apple of Yah, but doesn't need that same love we have been loved with and got saved by Yahushua's sacrifice! I love every single brother of Yahudah and because I love them so much I want them to be safe in the Messiah ben Joseph and ben David , for He is the only One who bring us home, Jew and Gentile alike, brings us to the ONE House of Yah, brings us to be the bride of Yah's son and reign together with Him in all eternity. Yahudah not been saved will will go the same way where Ephrayim or anyone else not been saved will go. Nobody can pass the tree where Yahushua was nailed on. If you do not, then you will be lost forever. No matter who and no matter what. Only through Yahushua Who is the Way to the Father.

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I am getting in only a few couple of days lots of confirmations on this kind of issue and I am very thankful for your's too Hadassah! I appreciate that very much. It is crazy how many deceptoins are out there AND WE CAN BE GRATEFUL TO HAVE THE SPIRIT OF DECERNMENT! Thank you for hearing off you Hadassah and also for your friendship request, I will approve that in short.

Hadassah said:

Thanks for this subject! There aren't many who did see what was and is going on with this ministry. In our longing to be in the land, most people don't have that warning inside to look after the conditions of other people, for example like KolHaTor.

For years I was seeing the same and did share what I did regognize, not as I do know, but more sharing their conditions and asking people to proof my information...

YHWH bless you and keep you!

Shalom, Hadassah

There is a mixture of truth.  It is good that some in Judaism are recognizing that they have brothers and sisters in the Gentile (mostly Christian) world.  However, it is Ephraim that needs to lead, imho.  Even many Messianic Jews are ignorant of the fact that some of the Gentiles are not truly Gentiles but remnant Israel.  We must abide in grace and love.  We must follow Yeshua and not the teachings of men.  Praise YHWH for the Spirit of Discernment.  There is a great mixture of truth and error.  I agree with those who say we must study the authentic to be able to discern error.  When Ephraim returns to Torah and starts to walk in it and when our righteousness surpasses that of the pharisees, then will Judah see and in us they will see Yeshua and then they will look upon Him whom they have pierced and rent their garments.

yeah that all very true what you write Laura. My point however is: beware of the wolves in sheep clothes and they are within Judaism as well not only 'church-ianity' or x-ristianity, most simply said. How many have been fallen for this trap? They end up to denounce Yahusha as Messiah only for to get helped into the Land and give everything up what Yahusha has won for them!! Rabbinical Judaism is where they end up and those  I talked earlier of in my warning blog are the bridge to it! :(

You are right they are part of it.  There was a parade last year with Judah and Ephraim at the Jerusalem parade during succot and I think it was that group that sponsored it, but they insist that Ephraim must become Judah and that is not what Yeshua wants.  I guess it is a test of the heart.

yes we  become like Yahusha and not like somebody else. When I was a little girl I didn't understand that so well yet, I wanted to become my 3 years older brother, because I adored him in so many ways...but we can never get somebody else but stay who we are and become more Yahusha- like, when we accept Him to be our life. Yeah it is a test of the heart that's true...and we be tested in our love to Him.

I can understand though, it is difficult, the further you walk the less people there are still walking beside you.













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