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Scattered among the Gentiles are untold numbers of descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel who are discovering their identity and their kinship to the Jewish people. This is the United Israel message (called by some "Two House Theology").

Sometimes when people hear the United Israel message they confuse it with so-called “Anglo-Israelism” or “British-Israelism. The United Israel message has no connection whatever with these groups. Anglo-Israelism is a movement which began in the 19th century and which professes that the British and American peoples were the true Israel, while at the same time labeling the Jewish people as illegitimate usurpers of YHWH’s promises. Many of these groups also taught that the Kingdom of Elohim has already been realized in the Kingdom of the British Empire. Today there are a number of militant and anti-Semitic groups such as “Christian Identity” and “Aryan Nations” which hold to those ideas. By contrast the United Israel message absolutely repudiates any and all forms of anti-Semitism, anti-Zionism and racial or cultural prejudice. To the contrary, the United Israel message greatly values Judaism, Zionism and the Jewish People. Our vision is unity and one Torah for all mankind.

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