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R. Elieazar says: they loose a vow for a man by reference to the honor of his
father or mother. (m.Nedarim 9:1)

and the Pharisaic sages prohibit. (m.Nedarim 9:1)

said R. Tzadok: before they loose a vow for him by reference to his father or
mother let them loose his vow by reference to the honor of HaMakom. If so there
will be no vow. (m.Nedarim 9:1)

But the Pharisaic sages concede to R. Elieazar, that in a matter that is between
him and his mother or father they loose his vow by reference to his father or
mother." (m.Nedarim 9:1)

There was one in Beit Horon whose father was bound by a vow from deriving profit
from him. And he was marrying off his son, and he said to his fellow, `The
courtyard and the banquet are given over to you as a gift. But they are before
you only so that [my] father may come and eat with us at the banquet.' The
fellow said, `Now if they are really mine, then behold, they are consecrated to
heaven.' He said, `I did not give you what is mine so you could consecrate it to
heaven!' He said to him, `You did not give me what is yours except so that you
and your father could eat and drink and be friends again, and so the sin [of
violating the vow] could rest on my head!' (some mss. have `his head') Now the
case came before sages, They ruled, `Any act of giving that is not such that, if
one sanctified it to heaven, it is sanctified, is no act of giving."
(m.Nedarim 5:6)

But Messiah Said:

3...And why do you transgress the commandments of Elohim--by means of your
4 Is it not written in your Torah from the mouth of Elohim, Honor your father
and your mother? And moreover written, And he that curses his father and his
mother will surely die?
5 But you say, Whoever says to father and mother, It is all an offering--
whatever of mine might profit you,
6 And he honors not his father and his mother. Thus have you made void the
commandments of Elohim, on account of your judgments.
(Matt. 15:3b-6)

The International Nazarene Beit Din says:

A vow is loosed for a man by reference to the honor of his father or mother.

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Does this mean marraige vows too or other vows only?
In Judaism Marriage is a contract, not so much a "vow". But if you have an issue to bring to the beit din email it to













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