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Just wanted to share with YOU!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Segulah Sep 29, 2015. 2 Replies

Hey there, Its Segulah from Blue Thread Blessings embroidery..I have some new designs on my home page if anyone is interested and will be adding more in the next 2 weeks or so! Check it out at…Continue

Check out this video!! What an ABOMINATION!!

Started this discussion. Last reply by 命 Jan 22, 2011. 1 Reply

You have got to see this video!..they are now in the process of genetically modifying SWINE for human consumption..they are taking swine DNA and combining it with bacteria and MOUSE! Does YeshaYahu…Continue

A fitting Poem for this time of David Hargis

Started Dec 23, 2010 0 Replies

Hi, Here is a fitting poem by the late David Hargis of the (MBI) Messianic Bureau International ministryIt is entitled "And End to Christmas"…Continue

Benefits of coconut oil!

Started this discussion. Last reply by Segulah Dec 13, 2010. 1 Reply

Hi, Here is a good article from Dr Mercola about coconut oil, and that coconut oil may offer profound benefits to fight Alzheimers disease! …Continue

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Segulah replied to Segulah's discussion Just wanted to share with YOU!
"Thank you for your kind words about my embroidery site and to answer your question, No, I do not make the tefillin, only the frameable thread art right now, but, if you go to the last page on my site, which is entitled "other…"
Sep 29, 2015
Mikha El replied to Segulah's discussion Just wanted to share with YOU!
"Thanks for the tips Segulah. Your site and handy work is quite well done. I have a question for you, please. Have you considered making tefillin be it "mini" or any sized....somehow?"
Sep 29, 2015
Segulah posted a discussion

Just wanted to share with YOU!

Hey there, Its Segulah from Blue Thread Blessings embroidery..I have some new designs on my home page if anyone is interested and will be adding more in the next 2 weeks or so! Check it out at , BUT, that is not what I came on to share!! I wanted to tell you that I have been led to learn about music frequencies over the past couple of weeks..their healing effects and their harming effects. It is VERY…See More
Sep 28, 2015
Segulah updated their profile
Sep 28, 2015
Segulah replied to James Trimm's discussion What is the meaning of 666?
"This was the most interesting thing that I have read on the subject....I once read  that the oldest text of Rev 13:17&18 is the Chester Beatty Biblical Papyri P47, dated 3rd century CE..where the number 666 is written as the 3 greek…"
Jan 29, 2015
Segulah replied to James Trimm's discussion How do you Handle Halloween?
"I live on a cul de sac and have been here for 8 years..on the first Halloween after moving in, I went to the door and just told my neighbors that I live a Biblical life and that Halloween is NOT Biblical, and is from the other team!! No one…"
Oct 13, 2014
Segulah commented on James Trimm's blog post Rosh HaShanna and the Pre-Trib Rapture?
"Shalom! I enjoyed this teaching very much!! I thought that the "rapture" theory came from a young, MENTALLY ill Scottish gal named Margaret McDonald,  who after talking about it at her ch-rch, recanted, and even claimed that she…"
Sep 24, 2014
Segulah and Tee are now friends
Jan 2, 2014
Segulah replied to James Trimm's discussion How do you Respond When People Say "Merry Christmas"?
"Oh yes, Im well aware of it!! Thank you for reminding me though ..Im happy that we all are on the same page and that Yah has shared this knowledge with us!! I can only pray that MORE and MORE would come to the understanding that we have!!…"
Dec 4, 2013
Segulah replied to James Trimm's discussion How do you Respond When People Say "Merry Christmas"?
"I understand what you are saying, but, what I am saying is that it is not Biblically acceptable, therefore I do not participate and try to teach others of the TRUE Feast days of Lev 23!!!! I also try to persuade people to research…"
Dec 4, 2013
Segulah replied to James Trimm's discussion How do you Respond When People Say "Merry Christmas"?
"I kindly tell them that I live a Biblical life and that Christmas is not even in the Bible!!! You should see the faces!! LOL!! Then, you can share the prophetic aspects of the Feast days with them and talk of the TRUTH instead of all of the lies!! I…"
Dec 4, 2013
Phyllis White left a comment for Segulah
"Hi, Lynne, I searched for your name.  Then I clicked on your name and I was given the ability to make a comment.  So, this must be how to send a comment to someone."
Jul 26, 2012
Segulah commented on James Trimm's group Natsarim Connections
"A hearty SHALOM to all of my brothers and sisters from Tennessee!! I praise Yah for the chance to fellowship with like minded people!! It is a blessing to me!! Hi Phyllis and Lew !! Love YOU!! Talk with you later! :):):)"
Jun 12, 2012
Segulah joined James Trimm's group

Natsarim Connections

This is a group for all Nazarenes to connect and socialize and meet friends that may be in your area!  It is a place to share info regarding groups that study and observe Torah (Commandments, Feasts, and the details thereof -- howto's, why's and when, where, etc) and encouraging and exhorting one another, in YHWHs Spirit of love. Theological debates should be avoided here.  Those discussions can take place in other groups, or on the main discussion board.See More
Jun 12, 2012
Segulah left a comment for Markus Klinger
"Shalom to you, Marcus and to your family!! I hope that you are enjoying Nazarene Space ..these types of sites are a real blessing to me!! So many interesting teachings that James puts out ..dont you agree?? I pray that you will be blessed by it…"
Mar 20, 2012
Segulah and Markus Klinger are now friends
Mar 20, 2012

Profile Information

Do you consider yourself a:
Nazarene Israelite
Books I consider Canonical:
Tanak (Old Testament), Ketuvim Netzarim (New Testament), The Apocrypha, The Book of Enoch, The Book of Jasher
Favorite version of Scriptures:
About me:
52 year old, lover of Yahushua! just trying to live righteously in this UN righteous world!
Marital Status
Any or all Messianic music is great in my opinion..if I had to choose a favorite, I would have to say, Paul Wilbur!
Reading the Scriptures!! Researching and studying is a passion of mine..I also enjoy learning about alternative health and vitamins..I have studied this for over 30 years!
Favorite Television Shows and Movies:
None!! They are all terrible, with the possible exception of some of the home decorating shows..I do enjoy those!
What is your favorite Book of the Scriptures?
What is your favorite verse?
Teh. 37:4+5..Yah brought something to pass in our life due to this promise!! So, I hold it very dear!!
What is your favorite quote? (From Scripture or elsewhere)
Not only have the Jewish people kept the Shabbat, but, the Shabbat has kept the Jewish people!!
How did you hear of NazareneSpace?
I received an email from you after the Lew White mess started! And I decided to check you out!! I would love to join!! We are in the wilderness of the people and would love to be able to talk with like minded people!

Comment Wall (10 comments)

At 1:44pm on December 6, 2010, Phyllis White said…
What a surprise to meet you here. I know you will like it.
At 8:20pm on December 6, 2010, Lew White said…
Hi sister! I just saw your post and have a moment to reply. Great to see you here on a relatively safe website. FB can be very profane at times. We just had a seminar yesterday, and the study brought out some in the group to disagree with certain things - but we'll see. It was on THE FIRST RESURRECTION, and of course "the rapture" came up briefly. Next month, Yahuah-willing, we'll study THE SECOND RESURRECTION (Great White Throne). I plan on mailing you a copy of the study prior to these, THE REAL FINAL SOLUTION on DVD.
Keep out a watch for it ~
Love from all of us,
brother Lew
At 11:12pm on December 8, 2010, Beaulah Hepsibah said…
Shalom Lynne !
I am from TamilNadu (means Country of Tamils) state in India. Having been brought up in a Sabbatarian pentecostal family, we heard about the name Yahweh 7 years back and started learning the rest of the Torah. Recently, Yahuah opened my eyes to see His True Name, hidden by all linguists for centuries. I am sure the Name existed in every language when the disciples of Yahusha preached His good news in the first century and so many descendants of truth lived for many centuries in all countries of the world until Romanism overcame nation by nation. In this regard brother Lew is a blessing for us in that He dared to reveal all the truths about the Creator that he found out when none but only a handful of people in the whole earth are willing to do.
My walk in this earth is 32 yrs. I am so glad about His Precious Name and so are my kids Janice(8) and Ron(5).
Yahuah of Israel bless you !
At 11:37am on December 15, 2010, Phyllis White said…

No, I haven't figured it out yet.  I followed the link several times to see if I'm overlooking something.

At 4:54pm on December 16, 2010, Phyllis White said…

Yes, I will be sore tomorrow, but I’m okay.  I’m so busy keeping up the children I don’t have time to think about it.

I have to laugh at myself.  I’m up at 7 this morning throwing salt so the men will be able to get out of the driveway while they are tucked away in their beds.

The dog couldn't keep from slipping. When I went down the first time I just kept sliding down the hill till I hit Adam’s truck. Then I could lift myself up.


I just started praying.

Threw some salt in front of me for grit and walked back up that way.  Then on the other side trying to come back up in the front I fell and Dutchess had finally made it back inside the garage.

She stood there sticking her head out looking at me.  She knew what I was going through.  Well, it served a purpose Adam said.  So it was worth it.


GOOD NEWS!  I just saw a salt truck in front of our house.  He was reloading.  The driver was trying to make it to the back of his truck to reload the salt and had to hold on to the truck to get back there.


Adam says that will be more serious salt than we use.  Maybe we will be able to get out in the morning.  I’m still not going anywhere today. 


Elijah showed me how to find paper crafts on line.  We printed out these paper cut outs and they made animals, Ethan a train out of paper like they do in sponge.  Only the paper isn’t as thick.  But they worked for hours on that project.  Now, we are going to watch movies and have popcorn.  I’m having a great time!!!!  J


At 5:00pm on December 17, 2010, Phyllis White said…

I have to give you this praise report.  Our Father is so good.


I had a miracle that happened just 30 minutes ago.   My grandchildren were playing in the snow and ice just minutes before their mom was coming to pick them up.  I went outside to call them close to the house when I saw two of them running like mad and yelling, “Elijah’s stuck in a hole!”  I couldn’t even see him.  I’m slipping and sliding on the icy street trying to get to where he is.  I just wanted to get close enough to see if he was okay.

Just as I was getting to the end of the street, here comes a police car.  Only the Father knows what you need before you do!!!!!!!!

I’m still chill bumply and lumpy-throated over this.  I’m waving my arms like a mad woman.  He rolls down his window. I’m telling him and I still don’t know where the boy is.  The other two started telling him where he was.

He pulls around and stops near the area and calls it in to the office.  Then we finally could see Elijah.  The policeman stopped the rest of us from getting  any closer and he’s talking to Elijah asking him questions I couldn’t hear.

After about 30 seconds (seemed like a life time) He pulled his leg free and lifted him out of the snow.  Now I’m still crying because I was so scared, but I didn’t know I was scared till now.  Ten minutes later Laura drives us and I’m explaining why Elijah is changing clothes. 


Praise Yahuah The Mighty Elohim Who knows our every need and Who’s loving kindness is forever and ever. Amein!


At 5:50pm on December 17, 2010, Phyllis White said…

I'll be watching for it and yes, I love to hear "miracle" stories as long as praise is being given to the Father.  Shabbat Shalom,

At 6:19pm on March 22, 2011, James Trimm said…
We will keep a look out for it, and thank you very much! :-)
At 8:27pm on March 19, 2012, Lew White said…

Hi sister;  I pray for you and Jim and Cooper each day.  There is so much work to do in reaching the lost out there . . . and yet it seems most are concerned with so many other matters.  We'll get it together eventually, as long as Yahusha has control of things;  and He always does.  It's great to know you are serving Him!

At 4:42pm on July 26, 2012, Phyllis White said…

Hi, Lynne, I searched for your name.  Then I clicked on your name and I was given the ability to make a comment.  So, this must be how to send a comment to someone.

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