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Do you consider yourself a:
Two House Believer
Books I consider Canonical:
Tanak (Old Testament), Ketuvim Netzarim (New Testament)
Favorite version of Scriptures:
About me:
I Am New Here...Actually I am rather New to a lot of things recently...
I even just got my 1st online computer a few months ago too...
So I feel like I am kind of coming in out of the wilderness, after a rather
long period of isolation...Just Waking Up You Could Say.

I Have Learned that for Everything there is a Reason..& Of course, A Season. I Hear that Hebrew Doesn't even have a word for "Coincidence"?
But I think it is "funny" that I was just presenting some arguements in a discussion forum, saying that it just did not seem right, that there were only "66" books in the Bible(by the decree of men?)..
When the Bible is so "77" Inclined Throughout The Text....
And Lo & Behod here is that exact question as part of the application to this group!!
I often say that Daniel 13 (Daniel & Suzannah) is one of my favorite Scriptures...but that is the Apocrypha..
which I do like...But Recently,(Right after I presented my thoughts that 66 wasnt right)
I Found Out that "The Infinity Bible" Code Would(Supposedly?) Not work correctly if there were more than the "Canonized 66"..
So now I dont know "whats up" on that question of What Should Be Canonized...
But this whole subject is interesting to me-Right Now-because I still have an active post on another site
where I actually discussed the fact that the last time,(about 7 years ago,)
when I wondered about rather there should be 79 Books (With Enoch & Jasher)
YHWH Seemed to have Said YES...With a 7.9 Earthquake!!! I thought HE was Saying Yes to the 79..
But maybe HE Allowed 66 for a reason too. So I Am Still Confused...Cause I Still Love Daniel 13...

Anyway Concerning the Question of What Do I Consideer Myself To Be...
I Would have Rather Answered that Question of What I Consider Myself to be by saying (& I Guess I Probably? Coined the Word) that I am
A "Hebraic Christian"...Although I Know very Little Hebrew..
I am just Aware of My Hebrew Roots as A Lost Israelite...

Through the Signs that YHWH has manifested in my life I claim to be A
Duncan of the Dan Clan, through the Line of Samson via Micah, who it seems was obviously Samson & Delilahs Son...although noone? seems to have noticed that?!?!
& Delilah was an Ephraimite..Not a philistine like teachers seem to so often teach. (& BTW it was not Micahs "terrapim" that was set up as the idol in Dan it was the kings golden calf)...
I also believe Samsons Mom was of Judah through the line of Zerah...and All of this seemingly boastful rambling actually presents somme very important keys to understanding many hidden things of prophecy...but I am out of time right now...Whheeew..So Thats A good thing...Probably...
Before I really open some cans of worms!!! But "I'LL Be Bauck"..To Add Some more..
Marital Status
My Favorite Music is My Own I guess. I like to Sing Things Like
As well as Contemporary Christian Praise Songs on Spirit Stations
My Main Interest in Life for many years has been to Live Up To the High Calling that I have been called as a
Prophet of YHWH which means being a Puppet of YHWHs.

Part of That Calling is as an Ongoing "Voice from Dan who Declares Disaster, procaiming it in Jerusalem & to the nations"(paraphrased Jermiah 4:15 & 16.
Those Prophetic Disaster Dates are proclaimed by Daniels Prophetic & Astronomic Timelines,
Calculated from a 4/15-16 32 AD Crucifixion(although 4/3/33 is a Very Competent Theory.
Qnd those Timelines also point to a likely 10/4/16 Return of Yahshua, on the Feast of Trumpets.

But prior to that the lost Tribes must recognize their Identity, & that is where the Tribe of Dan comes in.
I believe the Same Signs that Revealed My Danite Ancestry to Me may be used to Identify the Others too.

My life has also been a lot about Learning When/Where/How to Step Into the Power & Authority that
YHWH has made available to Us,,,And That Yahshua Died to Give Us..Especially NOW At This Time.

More Later...

May YHWH Bless Those Who Hear
Favorite Television Shows and Movies:
I Found a good U Tube recently that seems to correspond with the Timelines that YHWH has been showing to me too..
What is your favorite Book of the Scriptures?
What is your favorite verse?
Rev. 11:11-12
What is your favorite quote? (From Scripture or elsewhere)
Go Your way Daniel, for You Shall Go to Your Rest...
And U Shall Rise. to Have Your Full Share of Those Days
How did you hear of NazareneSpace?
Invitation from James Trimm.

This is not a very easy subject to approach, because I say that the traditonal teachings about
the Tribe of Dan are wrong;
And I have many false doctrine from many different sources that have to be confronted here.
And I certainly dont have all the answers, in fact I have a lot more questions still, than answers..
So I will share my thoughts here publically even though some things i am not sure of.

I have heard that Jewish teachings imply that Dan led Israel into idolatry, and that "Dans prince is satan".
Thats OK, didnt the Jewish leaders in the days of Christ also say that Yahshuas' own Father was satan too?

Christians also commonly teach that the Tribe of Dan is to the Tribes the same as Judas was to the Disciples.
In other words Dan is the bad apple among the 12 Tribes-just like Judas was the bad apple among the disciples.

And many Christians even believe & teach that the antichrist himself will even arise from the Tribe of Dan.

I, on the other hand believe that most of these teachings are false...But, I will conceed that an antichrist
may arise from a lower branch of the Tribe of Dan, because there was a small group of Danites who broke away.
But the final antichrist will be something quite different than most expect...but thats a different subject.

But I believe that most teachings about Dan are Wrong; But I do notice prophetic counterparts and opposites
in the Bible; & I believe the Bible has a better plan concerning the Tribe of Dan than what is taught by men.
So I will play the Danites advocate by defending Dan, but I Wont Conceed that I am playing "devils advocate"

So let me start by looking at the most famous Danite, Samson; Who it seems, is also given a bad rap by man
But He was 1 of only 3 Men in the Bible Whose Birth was announced Beforehand to both His Parents-by an Angel.

And not only His Birth, But even His Preordained Mission was declared, as being "To Begin To Deliver Israel"
(from the oppression of the Philistines who the Israelites had not been able to irradicate from their land).
And He accomplished that mission by giving His life!

During His lifetime His mission was hindered once by 3000 scared men of the Royal Tribe of Judah, who turned
him over to the philistine army because of fear for their own lifes-They feared the retribution of the enemy.

But, Samson was ultimately betrayed to the Philistines by Delilah, an Ephraimite. I know that many teach that
Delilah was a Philistine; But I have never seen or heard anything from the Bible that backs up that teaching.

But to the contrary, we do see that for her treasonist act of betraying the Unappreciated Unsung Hero of Israel
into the Philistines hands, Delilah did receive One Bag (of 1100 pieces) of Silver From EACH Philistine warlord.

On the other hand, If Delilah was a Philistine she wouldn't need bribes because she probably would have already
lost A father, brother or friends To Samsons One Man "Rambo Raids" upon her own Philistine family and friends.

The point is that if she was a Philistine then she wouldn’t need millions of dollars worth of bribes for her to
help set Samson up for capture...So it seems obvious to Me that she was an Ephraimite (for other reasons too).

Then we find a certain man, Micah, who also happened to have lots of money, and a very special molten image,
and a carved image in his remote compound, in the hills of Ephraim...and we see in Judges 17:2 that he had
stolen 1100 shekels of silver from his Mother; And then admitted that he had taken one of her bags of silver.
How Much More Obvious Can that be??? How many people had multiple bags of "1100 shekels of silver" laying around?

Then mom apparently decided that he did deserve to have the silver; But Before she gave it back to him we see in
Judges 17:3-4 that she used some of it (200 Shekels) to make a "molten image" & a "carved image", just for him.

Remember all this is being done with the Blood Money that she had got for the betrayal of Israels' Champion",
Samson, Who had been Israels' Judge & Defender for 20 years before his even more victorious martyrs death.

There are some good reasons why I speculate that these "Images", that Delilah had made may have been like
"add on features" to Dans Tribal Staff; To specifically denote the "Samson Line" of the Tribe of Dan..
Not just because of the guilt over her betrayal of Samson, or her treason against all of Israel-But also
for her Son, so that he could have a some sort of remembrance of his father & some proof of his heritage-
Not as the son of a "treasonist of Ephraim"-but as The Son of the Mighty Samson-Israels' Danite Champion.

Dans Tribal Staff was a "serpent on a stick" with an eagle (serpent eater) on top. I speculate that Dans'
Tribal staff, for the line of Samson was 2 Serpents on a staff (molten images), with a carved Phoenix on top

If that sounds just a little familiar, it should be. You See It Almost Every Day displayed as the M.D.s Staff

I think a lot of confusion & accusations about the Tribe of Dan comes from Dan being identified as "serpents".
And people automatically associate a serpent with the devil...But people forget that YHWH manifested His Power
through a Serpent Staff to deliver Israel from bondage...And another Serpent on a Stick saved them from death.

Remember, it was a "Brass Serpent" that YHWH told Moses To Make in order to heal & save the Israelites from the
poisonous serpents that were biting them to death at a certain point during their wanderings in the wilderness.

It gets a little confusing at this point...Because YHWHs 2nd Commandment is "Thou shalt not make unto thyself
any graven (carved?) image...Aparently "molten images of snakes" are exempt from that commandment??? Or What???

I am just speculating about what these images actually were...Nor do I understand exactly what teraphim are.
But I do see in Judges 17:5 that this man, Micah, also had a shrine, and he made an ephod and teraphim too.

The base of the word “Teraphim” means "To Heal or Stitch", but most Bibles & commentaries seem to imply that
Teraphim are forbidden "household gods" or "idols"...But in Hosea 3:4-5 YHWH seems to imply that Teraphim are
something that Israelites are meant to have, & that will be restored to Us when we return to following YHWH?!?

Hos 3:4 For the children of Israel shall abide many days without a king, and without a prince, and without a sacrifice, and without an image, and without an ephod, and without teraphim:
Hos 3:5 Afterward shall the children of Israel return, and seek the LORD their God, and David their king; and shall fear the LORD and his goodness in the latter days.

OR...Is YHWH saying just the opposite??? Was it our reliance on, & our loyalty to inferior "Man" kings/princes/
priests(ephods)/images & "teraphim" that made us fall away from the True KING of kings, & True PRINCE of Israel?

Is it only after a great period of time that we are able to see the truth & to seek only the True High Priest?!?!?
Does that mean that we are to pay no regard to earthly kings, priestly garb(ephod), sacrifices, images & teraphim?
My point here is that these supposedly evil "Teraphim" things are listed right along with the things that YHWH did
ordain as a part of the Levitical Priesthood..And the Danites that found these things in Micahs house were very much
interested in acquiring all of them for themselves, including the molten image, the carved image...& the teraphim.

These 600 Danite Families that broke off from the main Danites were (by location) the neighbors and friends,
who had gone to retrieve Samsons body from the rubble of the philistine palace-that Samson totally demolished.

Imagine their shock (if) they chanced upon the house of Micah (son of the Ephraimite treasonist); who had
in his possesion a Super Version of Dans Tribal Staff that had been constructed with Blood Money of Samson.

The Bible doesn't make it clear (if) they knew Micah was Delilahs Son-but some of them wanted to kill him,
because of Micahs persistance in reclaiming his stuff...Nor did Micah back down very readily from his claim;
Afterall in his words "What Am I without my teraphim"?...Was he the son of a traitor? Or was he Samsons Son?
Without his proof of his Danite Heritage Who Was He?

Nor does the Bible make it clear that he was Samsons Son. Nor Am I Stating it as a fact-But a probability
But I will admit that My concordance places Micah in the time period of around 1400 B.C.-Before Samson!?
But it just doesn't add up at all, to the facts I See. And Chronologically, The WORD puts him AFTER Samson.

Nor do I think teraphim are just small household gods. But I do believe Judges 17 plus the verse in Hosea 3:4
are the only 2 places where the word “Teraphim” is used; In Hosea it is connected to the Ephod of the Priests

Some say that the idols that Jacobs Rachel took were also Teraphim...but I didn't See that in my Concordance
Remember that this was Israels Favorite Wife who took those “idols”, which some say were “Proof of Heritage”.

Im not trying to justify idolatry for Danites-or anyone; But I am presenting the probability that Micahs idols may
have been more like a Danite Coat of Arms more than “idols”. The Danites from “Samsonville” took possession of these.

But I will say that the idolatry of Jeroboam was not the same as Dans idolatry. 2 Kings 3, and many other
places clearly tell us that Jeroboams idolatry was a Sin of Ephraim-& Unto HIS Descendants-Not Of Danites

Jeroboam set up 2 idols in Israel. But they were "golden calfs", Not the "carved image" that the 600 migrating Danite families acquired from Samson & Delilahs Son, Micah, on the way to "Laish", in the north, which they renamed "Dan".
I like to think that the "image" that they set up in Laish was more like their Tribal Staff/Banner, or "Standard".

Jeroboams idolatry was throughout Israel "from Dan to Beersheba" but it didnt "come from Dan" nor Beersheeba.
Dan just happened to be the farthest northern point of Israel just like Beersheeba was its southernmost point.
“From Dan(in the North) to “Beersheba“ (in the South) was A Common Phrase that simply denoted “All of Israel”

It is interesting that some sources say, that it was also a “Teraphim” that Davids wife "Michal" used in order
to trick Saul into believing that David was Sick in Bed; Similarites between Micah & Michal are interesting too

Remember, Saul was plotting to kill David. But when he came to get him Mical covered up a (supposed)“Teraphim”
on his bed, and along with a pillow she made it look like David was sick in bed..And She begged Saul to Wait.

Apparently a teraphim was not a small 3-7 inch idol as I have heard these "forbidden idols" described as-But
a large long object big enough to be mistaken as a man underneath the covers (with a pillow as his shoulders).

If that was a "teraphim" then it sounds to me more like its something like "Moses' Rod" or a "Tribal Staff!
But these images or teraphim that the Danites took were Not the idols that led all of Israel Into Idolatry.

Maybe the next subject should be the Priest, Jonathan that the Danites persuaded to come along as "theirs" on
Their Quest to lay claim to more of the Promised Land: He is a mystery man it seems; Lets see if I got it right:

The basic argument about Jonathan is that "they" say that he isn't Quite Right..He's Not a legitimate Priest.
It seems that he was an ancestor of Moses/Manasseh and thus it seems he was not eligible to be a Levite Priest
Because only Sons of Aaron could become Priests...We know that because It was Moses Himself who told Us So.

Check my memory; but it seems to Me that the Bible said that Jonathan was a Levite (not just of Levi?);
but also from a very Prominent Family of Judah; Even From Bethlehem itself!! Where He was already a Priest
even before He struck out on His own, to find a new ministry. So I don’t understand the arguments against Him,
except that He associated Himself with Dan, so maybe that just makes him a bad guy automatically??? or What?

But I do admit that I do not understand the concept of how he could be from a prominant "Family of Judah" if he was
of the Tribe/"Family of Levi"...But from this I do also see that he seems to be representing a "type" of Christ...
(or a false christ with impressive credentials????)

And He was apparently even quite well known, because it says That some Danites actually recognized His voice,
even from outside the house, So whatever He was, He already was that, before the Tribe of Dan embraced Him..

And Actually it sounds-to me-like He has got really Great Credentials, & he sounds like a real Levitical Priest!?
Or is there something that I am not seeing clearly..Even so, Even if something was wrong then why is he given such great (& prophetic) credentials that point to CHRIST, the True High Priest..who-BTW-was not a Levitical Priest either...Melchizedeck was not a Levitical Priest either (Which never was meant to be a Permanent Priesthood-was it?)

Maybe He was illegit, or maybe He was one step ahead..Maybe that was why He was destined to go with Danites
I cant say for sure; So I wont; All Are Just Possibilities. but here is another interesting thing that I see:

It was Sauls Son Jonathan(again!) who later helped David get away from Saul so that David could live to be King.

So It Is interesting That We See a “Micah & Jonathan” connected to the Preservation of The Tribe of Dan Here..

And We Also See a “Michal & Jonathan” connected to the Preservation of The Tribe of Judah And the Line of David.

And I Also See A Michael & Jonathan in My Own Danite Family connected to the Revelation of Prophetic Things.

Another argument against the Tribe of Dan often arises from the fact that they are not listed in Revelation 7
among the 12 Tribes who are given YHWHs Seal, just before the 6th Seal judgements begin to manifest on earth.
But an even better question might be, Why aren't Danites mentioned with the Children of Israel, in Chronicles?

The answer Here seems to be that one of the Tribes of Israel had to give up their name, in order to join with
the Royal Tribe of Judah, to be The Maternal Line of Yahshua-Just As A Bride Loses Her Maiden Name To The Groom

Judahs Legitimate Wife was Bath(the daughter of)Shuah & Dans Only Son Was Shuham (not the same-except by Analogy)
And the Danites were also known as-& often called-the "Shuhamites". Perhaps this is part of the reason why they
also seemed so dilligent in naming their places & Cities after (& in honor, & memory of) their Tribal Father, Dan.

In Yahshuas’ Geneology, Davids' Illegit Wife, Bath-Sheeba Is then-& Only Then-Strangely called Bath-Shuah, instead.
Is this a Misprint? Or is it a Clear Clue That Is Clearly Drawing Our Attention to this whole Genealogical Mystery.

We Saw Davids Bathsheeba was replaced by Judahs Bath-Shuah in the Lineage of Christ(1 Chronicles 3:5).

We Saw that Dans Only Son Was Shuham, and that the Danites later became known as the Shuhamites.
I have heard that according to some Jewish teachings Shuham was actually blind-which could hint that
His line disappeared from sight until the end times; When Daniel would Unseal & Reveal These Prophecies

But in spite of this One and Only handicapped Son of Dan, Dan Became 2nd Only to Judah-In Military Might

We see another strange connection that ties Dan into the Royal Line of Judah in a strange way.
That strange connection is found in the story of Tamar, or the 2 Stories of 2 Tamars, actually.
Remember that Davids daughter Tamar was raped by His 1st born son Amnon when he played sick in bed;
Then Davids 3rd born son, Absalon, who was Tamars full brother, was exciled after he killed Amnon;

This left 2nd Born Chileab as the rightful Heir to the Trone. But Chileab was also called "Daniel";
Perhaps Daniel was too wise to go for it. YHWH never intended for Israel to have any KING Except HIM.
Perhaps thats why when YHWH Said HE made Lucifer Even Wiser Than Daniel; He did Not Mention Solomon.
Certainly Solomon is not wiser than satan either-You See. So that says Daniel was wiser than Solomon.

It was Israel that cried to have a Man King. Why didn’t YHWH say I have made you Wiser than Solomon?
But here is a thought to contemplate..If a King who had no heirs to his throne died, then who would
sit on his throne? Would it not be the Queen? And are there some clues being given here about DANiel?

Anyway, back to the story of Tamar which I just told. But theres another story of Tamar connected to Judah.
First let me say that Judahs “legitimate” wife Shuah Was Actually A Canaanite! and Therefore Disqualified
From Being The Matriarch to The Royal Line Of Judah, Even With All The Signs, & Her Being Named In Christs Lineage & Everything, She Was A Canaanite! So What Is Going On Here?

Whats going on is that Judah had another “illegitimate” “Wife”. Just Exactly like David had an illegitimate Wife
Except I see no clues as to where Judahs Tamar came from. But We Do See, for Sure, That She Was Yahwehs Selection

We also see that She was hand picked by Judah, but for His First Born Son…But apparently he wasn’t good enough for Her.
So Yahweh slew him..and Tamar was given to Judahs 2nd born. But this Son of Bath-Shua was slew by the Hand of Yahweh too.
So Judah put Her on ice & said, go back & live with Your Family until My youngest is old enough to marry; & I will send for you.

But apparently She had a legitimate mission to accomplish, Because when She began to see that Judah was just stalling
She Played A Prostitute & Got Pregnant By Judah Himself. Thereby Bypassing Judahs Canaanite Wife Bath-Shuahs’ Seed
And She Became the Mother of the Twins Pharez & Zerah. Pharez became the Royal Line of Judah, but Bath-Shuah
Is Listed in the Geneology of Christ instead of Bath-Sheeba. Pharez means Breech because He Breeched Zerahs Birthright.
Bath-Shuah was not the Mother of Pharez but Was Judahs Wife.
Bath-Shuham Means Daughter of a Danite-Similar to “Shuah”
Bath-Sheeba Was The Mother of Solomon-Replaced By Bath-Shuah
2nd Born Daniel Was The Rightful Heir of The Throne of David.
For Unknown Reasons It went To 10th Born Solomon of Bath-Sheeba.

Meanwhile the Mother of the Royal Line Disappeared from Sight.
And Her 2nd Son Zerah Whos Birthright Was Breeched At Birth,
Went on Their Way in Various Ways. And Some from Zerahs Line
shared a city of overlapping inheritance with the Danites at Zorah.

The signs seem to point to the likelihood that Tamar was a Danite.
And i have heard that by Jewish teaching(& mine)
Samsons Mom was of Judah-through Zerah.
And just like a Woman today gives up Her Maiden Name when she gets married.
I believe that this may be a reason why Dan isn’t mentioned in some places.
But in the end, in Ezekiel 48:1 (that commentators say is “Millennial”)
We see that the Tribe of Dan is listed at the very Top of the list.

There are many other clues like this, that should make people think twice
before they blindly accept the common misconceptions & outright lies that
seem to have been spread, for many centuries, That Condemn The Tribe of Dan...

As to why the Tribe of Dan doesn't receive a seal of protection in Revelation 6
when the 144,000 (12,000 Israelites from each of the other 12 Tribes) are sealed.

Well, the answer could get complex-except to say that I am thinking & hoping that
when the rest of Israel is receiving their seal of protection, then we will se that
"Dan shall be a serpent in the way, a horned snake in the path, that bites the
horses heels, so that his rider falls backwards. Genesis 49:17

Those were the Words/Prophecies Spoken By Israel, about His 5th Born Son Dan, Who is also to “Judge” or
"Bring Justice To" His People, as one of The Tribes of Israel. And Moses said Dan shall be a Young Lion.

The serpent bruised our Head -Yahshua- long ago...& We now get the chance to bruise (the serpents) heel
But perhaps it takes a Serpent to get to a serpent because the Royal Lion cant get into the snake pit.
Maybe a young lion could..but another snake can for sure..We Can "Begin" To Deliver Israel-Like Samson.

But there are many other legitimate answers to that question of Why is Dan not sealed there in Revelation too.

And one of Them is that I think "Dan" Specifically Represents the "5th Seal Martyrs" of Revelation 6:9 too-
Who Die to Declare the Everlasting Gospel. I have personally seen this happening, but noone understands it yet.

I should also mention though that there is a definite rift in
the Tribe of Dan. The 600 Danite Families who took Micahs
Teraphim & Priest were from “Samsonville” (Zorah & Eschtaol),
But they were his Friends & Neighbors, (Not His Direct Kin?).

The 2 Serpents on a Staff, topped by an Eagle or Phoenix is Widely Recognized-by all-as the Medical Staff today.
But It started with the Brass Serpent On A Stick that Saved Israel from the deadly snakes in the wilderness.

This Symbol became Dans Tribal Staff.Which was sometimes seen with a snake & sometimes with an eagle..Or Both.

And I contend that the 2nd snake was added by Delilah for Micah As proof of His lineage to the Great Danite Judge/Warrior Samson.

A certain verse comes to mind that has Many Diferent Interpretations. I'll paraphrase one like this for now:
From the root of the Snake (Samson?) comes a Serpent (Micah?) from Which Will Arise A Fiery Serpent (???)

Actually Isaiah 14:29 says: Do not rejoice oh Philistia, all of you, Because the rod that struck you is broken.
For from the Serpents Root a Viper Will Come Out, And Its Fruit Will Be A (Fiery) Flying Serpent.

I have reasons to believe that I am one of those type of Danite warriors,
and I would like to believe, that I Am A Direct Descendent Of Samson too,
with Maternal Blood Of Judah via the Lowly Line of Zerah, of Judah & Tamar

I Do Not Believe in Modern Day, Drug Pushing, Baby Slashing, Murderers
that the state licenses & approves as "physicians".
I dont believe in their drugs or their money monger practices.

I do have to admit the possibility though that the people who run this
abominable medical industrial complex..while displaying My Tribal Staff
Are quite possibly of Danite Ancestry themselves. So Be It. The way I see it
Their Ancestors Stole My Staff From My Forefather Micah, of Samson & Delilah...
But, I work for the Great Physician Now,
We have a bone to pick with them
Regardless of who they think they are.
Because I Am Here To Reclaim My Staff

Daniel a/k/a DandelionDC
Dan, De Lion of Dan Clan,

(& I’m getting mighty hungry!)..

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At 8:47pm on December 04, 2009, Lionel Lenox gave Richard Allen Duncan a gift
At 1:43am on December 8, 2009, Richard Allen Duncan said…
Shalom Chris.:
Ah..Yes...about the Tribe of Dan...I've been so busy..But Now in this Big Deep Freeze(Global warming you know) I might be able to get some quality time in on the computer...
So,,How are you? I Hope you are keeping your distance from everyone
who has been vaccinated With the deadly flu virus! Anyway back to the subject...
I have added that document to my profile..Thanks for reminding & encouraging me to do that. Let me know if you find any more answers about the "Lost" Tribes of Israel..

Blessings To you Bro..
At 2:03pm on February 7, 2010, James Trimm said…

Today I deleted a thread that you started because on careful reading it edged across the rule against using Nazarene Space to promote the Lunar Sabbath theory. That is one of a handful of things we do not allow here.
At 3:56pm on February 7, 2010, Richard Allen Duncan said…
A long overdue Greetings to you James Trimm...and a long overdue Thank You for inviting me to your great group. I am so grateful to you for your work & your dilligence, and especially for your many blog posts that seem to have spoken directly to me on issues that were unclear to me and interesting to me, some that I specifically mentioned in my profile.
Circumstances have prevented me from being able to participate much in discussions & groups, or support your great ministry, but I hope that has changed now, and am very happy that I will soon be able to get one of your HRV Bibles.
I am sorry that my blog on the Lunar Sabbath violated the rules, which I hadn't read.
I was hoping to be able to present a fresh perspective on it, but I see it has been debated quite thoroughly to no avail. I respect your authority,& truely admire your scholastic abilities, & I am learning a lot, & agreeing with your words, almost unaminously..., but am a little dissapointed that it is too late to put in my input on this subject.
May YHWH Bless You Greatly
At 5:04pm on February 7, 2010, James Trimm said…
Glad to have you here :-)

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