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Passover: Freedom from Bondage!

Shalom Chaverim,

Shalom to you in this wonderful Passover season. Passover is a time of freedom from bondage and a time for us each to experience freedom from bondage in our own lives. And make no mistake, the Torah is a path to freedom, not bondage.

For example in Acts 12:3 Kefa is imprisoned by Herod during the Days on Unleavened Bread (the KJV wrongly has “Easter”. An angel comes to free Kefa saying “Gird yourself, and bind your sandals… cast your garments about you and… Continue

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The Heart May Be The Cause of Tzara'at (Weekly Torah Parashah) This week's Torah reading is from Leviticus 14:1-15:33 It's all about a disease of the skin called tzara'at. The question is, is it the skin disease that make's a person unclean or their heart? How can the people be made clean again? We talk about this in this week's Torah…


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The Plain Truth About EASTER

The Plain Truth About EASTER


By Herbert W. Armstrong (1892-1986)

The Resurrection was not on Easter Sunday! Easter is not a Christian name, but the title of the idolatrous "queen of heaven." Here's an explanation of the true origin and meaning of Lent, Easter eggs, and sunrise services!

WHY DO you believe the things you believe, do the things you do? The chances are you never stopped to… Continue

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the eight day

God created the heavens and the earth, the sun and the moon, man and woman, he did in six days, and on the seventh day he rested.

When was the start of the eight day?

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Refocus on Yahshua - Shepherd at War

Talk to most people today about Messiah and many will tell you he came to bring peace and goodwill to all men. Yet when we read Scripture, especially Scripture that specifically addresses King Messiah Yahshua’s mission we get another story entirely. “I have come to set fire upon the earth; and how I wish it were already kindled!” (Matthew 12:49) “Do…


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