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What's in a name???

Because of "Kdusha,"(Holiness) and in order to prevent mispronunciation of the four-letter Name (The Essence of the L-RD), Jews usually substitute the Name with a single Hebrew letter or phrase, or as HASHEM, or Adonai. In Traditional Siddurim and Bibles you may find G-d's Essence Name. This is the four-letter Name that starts with the letter "Yood." A True Jew will never say this Name because of "Yir-at HASHEM," or Fear and Deep Devotion of/to G-d.

Exd 3:14 And G-d said unto Moses:… Continue

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Hebraic Roots Version Book Reviews

For Book Reviews of the Hebraic Roots Version see:…


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The Masorah and Tikkun Soferim

The term “Masorah” refers to the marginal notes which were transmitted by the Masorites along with the Masoretic Text. The notes transmitted in the side margins are called the “Masorah Parva” or “Masorah Katonah”. The notes transmitted on the top and bottom margins are the “Masorah Magna” also known as “Masorah Gedolah”. Finally the notes transmitted at the end of the text are the Masorah Finalis.

Among the notes preserved in the Massorah Gedolah are those of the Tikkun Soferim… Continue

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Twelve Points of the One True Faith

Twelve Points of the One True Faith (Eph. 4:3-6)

Does Yours Pass the Test?

"by their fruits you shall know them" (Mt. 7:20)

COMMENT: This is not intended as an exhaustive list of points of

the one true faith but as a list of twelve key points.

1. Is the ONLY true faith.

(Eph. 4:3-6)

COMMENTS: There are not multiple true faiths. Christianity and Judaism are not both true saving faiths, only one of them is a true faith. The other is… Continue

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Torah Made Flesh - Deut. 30, Baruch and Romans 10

Shalom Chaverim,

Not long ago I posted a discovery I had made that shed light on Romans Chapter 10.

Recently I have made a further discovery concerning this passage. This further discovery reinforces the correctness of the previous discovery and adds to it evidence that Paul's argument in Romans 10 is drawn in part from the apocryphal book of Baruch (which he clearly therefore used).

To best understand this new insight, it is best to incorporate it into

the… Continue

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Prayer for the welfare of Parents and our school children

Prayer for the welfare of Parents and our school children.

May Adonai bless the parents of our little ones. Teach them in the way they should go and when they are old they will not depart from it. Do not grow weary. But know that your blessings is in the blessings of yours and all of our future. As some travel to school, keep them safe from harm and under the sheltering arms of the Almighty! Reminding the parents of such as these…that their TRUE education is about… Continue

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Our Living Yahushua, IS BEING, All Things, Even From the Beginning to the End.

Our Living Yahushua, IS BEING, All Things.

The flowing mercy and love from the throne of Yahuweh Yahushua erases all doubt, cleanses the soul, is the essence of his ‘blood flow’ to his people of the best description that words can tell, is pure Love. The power of it flows to the highest mountain and lowest valley. At the source of it the ‘volume’ is at it’s highest, and even to the ends of the earth where it flows it still speaks in a small still voice of mercy and love and… Continue

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The Living Yom Teruah

Isaiah 7:7 Listen to Me, you that know tzedakah (righteousness), the people in whose lev (heart) is My Torah/LAW; fear not the reproach of men, neither be afraid of their insults. (The LIVING WORD/TORAH dwells in the heart of his people, never changed one 'jot' nor 'tittle' of his BEING. Giving his perfect Unleavened BREAD of Torah Righteousness to his people by his blood flow of the Holy Spirit.) (By the LIVING WORD, THE Living Passover, Living Unleavened Bread, and Living Shavuot - Pentecost… Continue

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Reasoning With All People, Walking in YES.

May all be blessed. This message was originally given for all to see on a 'general public' forum. The message a blessing to those whom know and maybe something to help those wake up whom have not yet come out of the 'harlot' nor even have eternal life as of yet.

YESHAYAHU – ISAIAH 49:18 Lift up your eyes all around, and see: all these who have gathered themselves together, and have come to You. As I live, says Yahuweh, you shall surely clothe Yourself with them all, as with an… Continue

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Someone Scrambled my Scriptures!

HELP… Someone Scrambled my Scriptures!


Rome's Replacement Rearrangement

The HRV Scriptures now available in hardbound and in e-text:

The books of the Bible as you probably know them, have been rearranged from their original, proper, manuscript order.

The original order of the books of the Tanak ("Old Testament") places the books in three… Continue

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Paul: An Emissary to Ephraim



Let me begin by examining the Nazarene Commentary on Isaiah 8:14 as cited

by Jerome:

The Nazarenes, who accept Messiah in such a way

that they do not cease to observe the old law

explain the two houses as the two families, viz.

of Shammai and Hillel, from whom originated the Scribes

and the Pharisees. Akiba, who took over their… Continue

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There are many rabbis who have been infuenced by paganism. Reincarnation is a pagan concept born from the ancient babylonian mystery religon. It is based on the pagan concept that the soul is immortal. Scripture absolutly refutes this. The soul that sinneth shall die,not come back again in a different form and try again. There is a resurredtion for this purpose,read Ezek. 37 and 38. Judaism was corrupted severly in the Babylonian captivity and hasn't recovered yer. Yahushua came to set the… Continue

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three pillars

Rav Trimm; You teach me alot,but,your teaching on the three pillars of the Godhead are getting to close to the trinity for my liking. You know that Hebrew and Greek are romamtic languages and thats why the Ruach Ha Kodesh appears to be a person. It is the power of YHWH doing His work,much like electrecity has physical manifistations and is unseen. Shabbat Shalom

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Nazarene Judaism Vs. Rabbinic Judaism

Nazarene Judaism Vs. Rabbinic Judaism

By James Scott Trimm

“Judaism”: The One True Faith

How old is the religion we call “Christianity”? Let us give Christianity every year that it asks for and for arguments sake assume that Christianity is 2,000 years old. Now Paul tells us that there is only one true faith (Eph. 4:5) and Y’hudah (Jude) (Y’hudah 1:3) tells us that that one true faith was once delivered to the set-apart-ones (). Now this makes Christianity… Continue

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Deity of Messiah

The Deity of Messiah


The Three Pillars of the Godhead


James Scott Trimm

Part 1

The Deity of Messiah is Scriptural


There are several different positions that have to be dealt with in presenting the Deity of Messiah:

Judaic Anti-Deity Position - These reject the deity of Messiah because they insist it is contrary to Judaism. These are not persuaded by New Testament “proof texts”. They… Continue

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1Cor. 10:25 - An Insight from the Aramaic


Someone recently asked what difference it makes which is the original language of the NT. One of the answers was that it matters what language we do our word studies from for exegesis.

Recently while doing such a word study I found a unique insight that opened my understanding of the original Aramaic of 1Cor. 10:25.

Before I explain the word study in question let me preface this with a brief explanation of what Paul is discussing in this section of 1Cor. 8… Continue

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My wishes for your!

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We Are the Remnnant


In the first two chapters of Isaiah we see a prophetic rebuke of each of the Two Houses of Israel. Isaiah 1:1-23 contains a prophetic rebuke "concerning Judah and Jerusalem" (1:1) while Isaiah 2:5-22 contains a prophetic rebuke directed at the "House of Jacob" (2:5).

The House of Judah ("Judah and Jerusalem") is observing Torah in some way... they are offering sacrifices and incense and observing new moons and sabbaths and the calling of assemblies… Continue

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Messianiac or Nazarene: What's in a Name?

You may be surprised to find out that the original Jewish followers of Yeshua were NOT “Messianic Jews”. As Daniel Juster writes:

No form of Judaism or Christianity… has used the term

“Messianic Judaism” as its appropriate designation.

(Jewish Roots; 1986 edition, p. viii)

The original followers of Yeshua were a sect of Judaism known as “Nazarenes” (as we read in Acts 24:5).

The term “Messianic Judaism” was invented in the late 60’s and it is a human… Continue

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