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The Armor of Elohim

An Excerpt from my spiritual warfare book War in Heaven

We live in a Hellenistic (Greek based) culture. This culture has unfortunately colored our understandings of the Scriptures, often in ways we do not realize. The Hellenistic Roman culture has had a major impact on our own. The commentaries on the Scriptures that we read are all to often unduly influenced by Hellenistic, Roman cultural views. Many books… Continue

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Is the Tithe for Today?

In this movement we often deal with the question “Is the Torah for today?”. Ironically those that teach the Torah has been done away with encourage their audience to tithe, on the other hand, those that maintain that the Torah is for today, often teach that the tithe is not for today!

Many in the Torah Observant movement have been taught that the tithe only coes to Levites, or only goes to the Temple and is only on agricultural produce of the land of Israel. As a result, Torah… Continue

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The Apocrypha Unveiled

The Apocrypha Unveiled

There are thirty nine books about which Jews and Christians agree form the text of the Tanak. There are also thirteen books about which they do not universally agree as to whether they should be in the canon of the Tanak or not. These books are known as the “Apocrypha”.

The “Apocrypha” are a group of books which seem to have been part of the canon of the earliest “Christians” but which were not adopted by Rabbinic Judaism into the Masoretic Text, and… Continue

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One Faith, Two Expression Theology

One Faith, Two Expression Theology

(an excerpt from my book Nazarene Theology)

The Systematic theology of the "One Faith Two Expression" theology or "Two Torah" Theology is the theology of much of Messianic Judaism including the majority of the IAMCS and the UMJC.

Two Torah Theology maintains that the "Church" or "Body of Messiah" is made up of two two groups who are united together in one body. The two Groups are Messianic… Continue

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The Book of Jasher Unveiled


The Book of Jasher is one of the so-called "Lost Books" of the Bible.

The Book of Jasher is twice cited in the Tanak:

"Is not this written in the Book of Jasher?" (Joshua 10:13)

"Behold it is written in the Book of Jasher." (2Sam. 1:18)

This fresh Messianic Sacred Name translation from the original Hebrew is st

The term "Book of Jasher" is a… Continue

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The Book of Enoch Unveiled

[A Messianic, Sacred Name translation of the Book of Enoch, taken

(wherever possible) from the seven Aramaic manuscripts found among the

Dead Sea Scrolls is available at .]

The Book of Enoch was treasured by the ancient Nazarenes as… Continue

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What do you Mean.... "Church"?

What do you Mean… “Church”?

( An excerpt from the book “Nazarene Theology” )


James Scott Trimm

There has been a great deal of confusion over the years over what the "church" is. Some have taught that the Church is a new entity which replaces Israel. Others have taught that the Church is a new body which is totally independent of… Continue

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Messianic Docetism????

Rabbi Trimm, could you share your ideas regarding Marshell Konuichowsky's teaching in Whole Wheat Unleaven Bread. Where as I do not perceive your words on the same perspective in this as Marshell does by teaching Yeshua could not walk with us in flesh because 'yetzar ra' would be physical aspect. I believe it is not physical but spiritual. Yetzar (inclination) is set in the womb at needing its basic needs, so, as the child grows it is given chance to choose, but base animal desires are what the… Continue

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The Process of Salvation

The Process of Salvation

By James Scott Trimm


You may have been told that you are saved, the Scriptures actually

teach that salvation is a process which we "work out" (Phil. 2:12)

with two primary phases. The first of these phases takes place now,

but the second phase does not take place until the resurrection.

In the book of Romans, Paul lays out the two phases of salvation as


But Elohim commends his love toward…


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