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Judith: Maccabean Heroine

Judith: Maccabean Heroine

By James Trimm

The Apocryphal book of Judith is about a beautiful

and devout Jewish widow who saves her city from

an invading army. The Elders of her city decide

to surrender unless help arrives within fi ve days.

Judith leaves and enters the camp of the opposing

general. She beguiles him by her beauty but ultimately

returns to her city with his head in a bag.

This inspires her city to route the invading army.… Continue

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Faith, Grace and Torah

A misunderstanding common in the church today is the concept that

Torah and Grace are mutually exclucive ideas. For exmple one author writes:

A believer can not be under law and

under grace at the same time.

(God's Plan of the Ages; Louis T. Tallbot; 1970; p. 83)

Now let us be noble Bereans to see if this is true. Let us ask ourselves:

"How were people saved in 'Old Testament' times? Were they saved by works

or by grace?

The fact is that… Continue

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Marriage, Divorce and YHWH: Do Matthew and Sirah Contradict?

Marriage, Divorce and YHWH

Do Matthew And Ben Sira Contradict?

By James Trimm

It has been alleged in the past that there is a contradiction between Matthew 5:31-32 and 19:3-9 which allows a man to divorce his wife only for the cause of “fornication”, and Ben Sira who advises his student to divorce the wife who “does not go as you direct” (Ben Sira 25:25-26).

But do these passages truly contradict one another? One basic rule of Hermeneutics (objective rules for… Continue

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The Sum of the Torah

Shalom Chaverim,

I have recently made some discoveries which shed even more light on

Romans chapter 10 and I would like to share them with you.

To best understand this new insight, it is best to incorporate it into

the whole of that light which has already been shed on this section of

Romans. So for some of you this entire article will be revolutionary,

however even for those who have studied with us for many years will

find a new nugget of insight… Continue

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