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Nazarene Judaism Vs. Rabbinic Judaism

Nazarene Judaism Vs. Rabbinic Judaism

By James Scott Trimm

“Judaism”: The One True Faith

How old is the religion we call “Christianity”? Let us give Christianity every year that it asks for and for arguments sake assume that Christianity is 2,000 years old. Now Paul tells us that there is only one true faith (Eph. 4:5) and Y’hudah (Jude) (Y’hudah 1:3) tells us that that one true faith was once delivered to the set-apart-ones (). Now this makes Christianity… Continue

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Deity of Messiah

The Deity of Messiah


The Three Pillars of the Godhead


James Scott Trimm

Part 1

The Deity of Messiah is Scriptural


There are several different positions that have to be dealt with in presenting the Deity of Messiah:

Judaic Anti-Deity Position - These reject the deity of Messiah because they insist it is contrary to Judaism. These are not persuaded by New Testament “proof texts”. They… Continue

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1Cor. 10:25 - An Insight from the Aramaic


Someone recently asked what difference it makes which is the original language of the NT. One of the answers was that it matters what language we do our word studies from for exegesis.

Recently while doing such a word study I found a unique insight that opened my understanding of the original Aramaic of 1Cor. 10:25.

Before I explain the word study in question let me preface this with a brief explanation of what Paul is discussing in this section of 1Cor. 8… Continue

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We Are the Remnnant


In the first two chapters of Isaiah we see a prophetic rebuke of each of the Two Houses of Israel. Isaiah 1:1-23 contains a prophetic rebuke "concerning Judah and Jerusalem" (1:1) while Isaiah 2:5-22 contains a prophetic rebuke directed at the "House of Jacob" (2:5).

The House of Judah ("Judah and Jerusalem") is observing Torah in some way... they are offering sacrifices and incense and observing new moons and sabbaths and the calling of assemblies… Continue

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Gems from the Apocrypha

In my recent posting about the Apocrypha I have gotten some interesting emails. One person said that they had read the Apocrypha and did not find anything of value in it. Another asked if there are any Messianic Prophecies in the Apocrypha. In reply I would like to post these prophetic gems from the Apocrypha:

The suffering servant Messiah in Wisdom of Solomon:

12: Therefore let us lie in wait for the righteous; because he is not for our turn, and he is clean contrary to… Continue

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Restoring the Book of Enoch

The Book of Enoch was treasured by the ancient Nazarenes as an inspired book of prophecy authored by Enoch himself.

(Click on the Book of Enoch for a new Messianic/Sacred Name translation of Enoch from the original Aramaic)

Yeshua's own half-brother Y'hudah quotes from the Book of Enoch


And Chanokh [Enoch], the seventh from Adam,

prophesied about these men… Continue

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