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Truth Talk

The third installment of the Truth Talk podcast is now up, and I have to say it is our best show yet. Next week will be our first annual X-Mess show.

Tune in at:

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Celebration of Channukah

Celebration of Channukah

The central element of Channukh celebration is the lighting of the Channukiah, a special Channukah menorah. Unlike the seven branched menorah, the Chanukah menorah has nine branches. Eight of these are for each of the eight days of Channukah and one, called the Shamash (helper) is used to light the other eight. This ninth light is usually elevated from the other eight so as to distinguish it from the others.

One each of the eight nights of… Continue

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Truth Talk Podcast

Listen to the weekly Truth Talk podcast at:

New shows each Sunday night.

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X-Mess Means...


Xmess means a time when extra police duty is required to handle the wrecks, drunks, revelry, etc.

Xmess means a time when most people ignore and forget the Word of Elohim and follow the traditions of men instead, trying to put Messiah in a Pagan "holy day" falsely called Messiah's birthday.

Xmess means a time when most people yoke Messiah (who said "I am the TRUTH")... with lies, fairy tales and Pagan religion.

Xmess means a time when… Continue

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The Josiah Reforms and Yeshuah

A fascinating research by Margaret Barker with her analysis of the Scriptures and the discarded books James Trimm has spoken about, so I will be making comments from time to time on the subjects I am reading by Barker and Hugh Nibley. Stand by please.

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EASTER 2000 B.C. to Date

EASTER 2000 B.C. to Date

"Prove all things" (I Thes. 5:21)

Is the name "Easter" of divine origin simply because it is found in Bibles, in the King James translation of Acts 12:4—"…intending after Easter to bring him forth?" The R.V. renders it "after the passover," as it is given in the original. In reading these lines every honest mind will be able to discern whether or not the celebration of Easter and also whether Christmas has divine sanction.

The setting…


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Originally by Ed Stevens

Edited by James Trimm

As recorded in Gen. 3:15, YHWH Elohim announced to the guilty pair in the garden of Eden that of the "seed" of the woman the Savior of mankind would appear, by whom "the Serpent"… Continue

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Biblical Law for Today?

Dear Dr Trimm,

Through the rcg-forum I was forwarded interesting material purporting to originate with you on "Works of the Law" and "Under the Law". Apparently you claim that these two phrases were heresies in OT times already. If that is so it explains some dubious Pauline scriptures.

Could I ask you to make more details accessible to me..... What interests me particularly at this stage is whether there are clear references in the OT that these two phrases were… Continue

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The Kingdom Offer

In examining the text of Isaiah 60:22 the ancient Rabbis noticed what they called a "contradiction" in the phrase "I, the L-RD, will hasten it in its time." The Talmud discusses this verse as follows:

R. Alexandri said: R. Joshua b. Levi pointed out a contradiction. It is written, "In its time [will the Messianic Kingdom come], whilst it is also written, "I [the L-RD] will hasten it!"-- If they are worthy, I will hasten it; if not, [it will come] at the due time.

[b.San.… Continue

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Meet with us in DFW

Shalom everyone,

Just a reminder, we are hosting a Shabbat meeting in Hurst near North

East Mall from 3:00-6:00 PM each Saturday.

We are currently meeting at my home:

348 Arcadia

Hurst, TX 76053

To get here take Airport Frwy into Hurst. Exit Pipeline/Glenview.

Turn onto Pipeline Road (one direction will be Pipeline, the other

direction will be Glenview). Take Pipeline road to Arcadia (there

will be a McDonalds on the corner,… Continue

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Codex Phillipps 1388

Codex Phillipps 1388

This codex is one of the oldest extant copies of the Peshitta version of the Four Gospels dating to the 5th to 6th centuries. It is in the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin which sheds some important light on NT origins, especially for those of us who subscribe to Aramaic Primacy for much of the NT.

Now you may have heard from certain Peshitta Primacists that all Peshitta manuscripts agree exactly, or that the Old Syriac and Peshitta versions are totally… Continue

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Why have the Jews Rejected Jesus?

Shalom Chaverim,

Many have asked "Why have the Jews rejected Jesus?"… well let me make this clear, the only "Jesus" that most Jewish people have ever been exposed to is the "Jesus" that supposedly came to "free them from the bondage of the Law". Yes, they have rejected this Torahless Jesus, and rightly so. But most of them have never been exposed to the real Yeshua.

In coming years you will see many Jewish people embracing Yeshua as the Messiah. But the Yeshua that they… Continue

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Truth Talk Online "Radio" Show

Introducing the new Truth Talk Online "Radio"… Continue

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Nazarenes and the Name of YHWH

One major distinction between Nazarene Judaism and mainline Judaism of the first century was in regard to their usage of the name of YHWH. While mainline Judaism had limited and in some cases even banned the use of the name of YHWH, Nazarenes were at time persecuted for not participating in this ban.

Banning the Name

Although use of the Name of YHWH was clearly commonplace in Tanak times (Old Testament times), by the first century the Name was used only in the Temple. Even… Continue

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Newly Discovered Photos of my Jewish Ancestors

I have at times been asked about my Jewish ancestry. Sadly these requests are usually precipitated by Lashon Hara (wicked speech) accusing me of having lied about my ancestry. Recently some old family photos have come into my possession which help bring some of my ancestry to life.

I am James Scott Trimm, son of my father James Harold Trim. My father was born in East Texas in an old "Dog Run" house with no running water and no electricity. Perhaps later I will have time to elaborate… Continue

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The Ignatius Conspiracy


By James Scott Trimm

Many people have been misled into believing that Conatantine was

responsible for the corruption and Gentilization of Christianity.

While Constantine certainly added to the apostasy of early

Christianity, he was not the first. It was in fact Ignatius of

Antioch who rebelled against the Jerusalem Council, usurped their

authority, seceded from Judaism, declared the Torah to have been

abolished,… Continue

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I am part of the fellowship of the unashamed...The die has been cast...I have stepped over the line...The decision has been made.

I am a disciple of the Son of Yahweh, the Holy One who came to live and die for us.

I will not look back... let up... slow down... back away... or be still.

My past is redeemed... my present makes sense... my future is secure.

I am finished and done with low living...sight walking...useless talking...small planning...smooth knees...colorless… Continue

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When Yahweh leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go, only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He'll catch you when you fall, or He'll teach you how to fly! Yah is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor. He closes doors no man can open & opens doors no man can close. You can bet on it!

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Election Results

Well, the long battle is over and Mr. Barak Hussein

Obama will be our new president. The thought of

that frightens me. My position during these 21 months

of a tiring campaign has changed a number of times.

I was disappointed when a more conservative

candidate wasn't selected to represent us. I thought

perhaps a third party candidate might be the answer

but they all failed to gather a strong force that

would give them a fair chance. When Senator… Continue

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Time is Short

We are soon to enter the most important era in the history of mankind. The King of the North and the King of the South are already preparing for what will be the greatest global conflict the world has ever seen. Get ready for some exciting times that are just around the corner. The events that are about to happen, and indeed are aleady happening will demonstrate that the Scriptures are very relevant for modern man and that Yahweh and his Messiah are very much alive and active in world affairs.… Continue

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