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The Spanish Inquisition of 1481

The Spanish Inquisition of 1481 established by Ferdinand and Isabella (Spanish monarchs during Christopher Columbus’ discovery of the New World) initiates the emergence of bureaucratic supremacy and racial idiosyncrasy against Jewish spiritual beliefs, African cultural ancestry and Indian zodiacal mysticism. This ecclesiastical court order instigated the horrifying acts of genocide all across America, the neutral attitude of Italy towards the outside world as portrayed through the cultural… Continue

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Folks this ministry desperately needs funds to get through this month. We seriously need to get some donations in the next day or two.

please go right now to and use the chip in box to donate whatever you can. (You can also donate directly thru PayPal by sending paypal donations to . You can also mail donations to Nazarene Judaism; PO Box 471; Hurst, TX 76053).

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Operation Wake Up Call!

Operation Wake Up Call is a wake up call for the world! The world is in a deep sleep of apostasy (Is. 29:10; Rom. 11:8) and needs a wake up call. There is nothing like the power of good old fashioned "door to door" witnessing for Torah and Messiah, just as our Nazarene forefathers did (Acts 20:20). Operation wake up call is a complete support system for full scale door to door outreach.

The Operation Wake Up Call system consists of six simple lessons intended to be given over six… Continue

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Lashon HaRa

In Revelation 12:10 we read:

"…the accuser of our brothers… who accused them

day and night before our Eloah."

(Rev. 12:10)

The strategy of accusation includes both "slander" and "lashon hara". "Lashon HaRa" (the evil tongue) is the sin of harming another person with words, even when they are true. Those who would never harm a person with a stick, but would not hesitate to harm them with words.

The Torah tells us:

You shall not go up and down… Continue

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Truth Talk and New Outreach Program

First off there will be no new episode of Truth Talk this week, as my co-host amd engineer Steve is down with the flu. The good news is that this is a great week to get caught up on any Truth Talk episodes you may have missed! Visit and look over our nine episodes so far! And next week we have a very special episode planned for our 10th show!

Second we are planning a major outreach program. This program will be a… Continue

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The Origin of Wizards in Fantasy Literature (You Might be Surprised!)

The Origin of Wizards in Fantasy Literature

By Jason Jordan

The classic image of the magician or wizard hunched over a pile of dusty books with chemicals bubbling away in the background originated from the appearance of the typical medieval Jewish Sage. Their flowing robe, long white beard, constant proximity to scrolls, ointments, incenses and trinkets, formed the basis of the popular look of such fantasy characters as J.R.R.… Continue

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Reaching the World

Shalom Chaverim,

We at Wordlwide ( are reaching the world, places like: Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Chili, Mexico, Brazil, Yemen, Jordan, Israel, the Congo, South Africa, South Korea and more through our Truth Talk podcast (, the Davar Bible School ( and… Continue

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The Name above all Names

Is Dr. Trimm “anti-christ”? Does he have an “anti-God” agenda? Ammmmazing Sacred Name prophecies revealed! Learn about the Name above all names!

All on this weeks installment of the Truth Talk podcast.

Or at our podcast page:…


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Parent's Ten Commandments For Their Teens

Parent’s Ten Commandments

For Their Teens

1.You shall honor and obey your Dad and Mom.

2.You shall observe the Sabbath with your Dad and

Mom at least while under our roof.

3.You shall not argue with nor speak disrespectfully

to your Dad or Mom.

4.You shall answer back quickly and respectfully

with a “yes Dad” or “yes Mom”.

5. You must help your Dad and Mom by doing your

chores and not complain about it!

6. You must ask only your Dad… Continue

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Beit Netzarim Yeshiva

Shalom Chaverim!

We at Worldwide have seen the profound need for quality Nazarene leaders throughout the world. Leaders in this movement need training in specialized areas like: Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek, Textual Criticism, The Dead Sea Scrolls, Rabbinic literature, hermeneutics and much, much more!

And yes, classes are conducted online at your convenience.

Whether you’re wanting to earn a certificate of Rabbinate (Masters and Doctorate) or you are just wanting… Continue

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Electricity Needed

Shalom Chaverim,

We have an electric bill due and must pay within 24 hours to avoid immediate shut off.

The work of the Worldwide Nazarene Assembly of Elohim ( is moving forward teaching truth to the world.

The Davar Bible School continues to teach a free six lesson Bible Correspondence Course to students all over the… Continue

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The Truth about Gaza and the Apocrypha

Steve and Dr. Trimm talk about what’s really going on in Israel and Gaza. They also discuss how whole books have been taken out of your Scriptures! Learn the truth, listen to this weeks Truth Talk.

Or at our podcast page:…


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Patriarchinity Chapter 9: The Compound Lens of Pronouns, Populations, and Proxy II

Patriarchinity Chapter 9

The Compound Lens of Pronouns, Populations, and Proxy II

by Chris Jacob (Yaacov) Schaefer ©2009

Before going to chapter 10 , we’ll need some additional study of types, to see how they function.

Some precedent of how pronouns are used Hebraically: even in modern times, in a Hebrew classroom where there are both boys and girls, either will be referred to as the default equivalent of “he” regardless of his or her gender. Now Let’s go… Continue

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Patriarchinity Chapter 8. Given: Father, Son, Solve for X

Patriarchinity Chapter 8

Given: Father, Son, Solve for X

by Chris Jacob (Yaacov) Schaefer ©2009

How can we understand Elohim? Shaul/Pallu tells us:

Romiyah/Romans 1:20

20 For the invisible things coming from Him from the

creation of the world are clearly seen, being

understood by the things of creation, even His eternal

power and Divine nature; so that they are without


In fact, Yehoshua has… Continue

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Nazarene Judaism: A New Vision

Nazarene Judaism: A New Vision

By Rav Mikhael

Click yor mouse below to Hear the Audio as it was Presented at our Netzarim '99 Conference in 1999:


Nazarene Judaism: A New Vision

By Rav Mikhael

The purpose of this presentation is threefold. First to give us a brief history of who we… Continue

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How to Become a Jew (Ester 8:17)

If you have entered the Noachide Covenant (Gen. 9:1f) and have accepted Messiah then you are already betrothed to YHWH and you have salvation.

But we at the Worldwide Nazarene Assembly of Elohim would like to invite you to take the next step and become part of the bride of YHWH, Am-Yisrael.

We want to invite you to join the Assembly of Israel, the Body of Messiah.

In the book of Numbers we read concerning Am-Yisrael:

From the top of the rocks I see… Continue

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The Ministry of the Ruach HaKodesh


By James Trimm

The sad truth is that many do not understand the Ruach HaKodesh, and even fewer understand the ministry of the Ruach HaKodesh, a ministry which is absolutely key to the Assembly of Elohim.

Our Mother the Ruach HaKodesh

We were created in the image of Elohim (Gen. 1:26-27; 1Cor. 11:7). This Image of Elohim is an invisible image of attributes, which make up the godhead (Col. 1:15; Rom. 1:27).…


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From what tribe was Miriam the mother of Yeshua ?

This the english version of one post that I wrote in my french blog : French being my native language here in Congo (central africa), I don't speak English fluently (but wish it will change one day). So, with the help of Google translate I have translated the text and done my best to correct some sentences wich were not well translate. Scripture passages are also translated from french.

Some have asserted that there is no verse in the new testament… Continue

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Truth Talk: The Pre-Trib Rapture

This weeks worldwide Truth Talk podcast is now up.

This week learn how the Pre-Trib Rapture in Messianic Judaism is like a pot roast!

And Dr. Trimm tells Steve why he just might get “left behind”.

Don’t get eaten by birds, tune in this and EVERY week to the podcast that is reaching the world with Truth.…


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Start a Nazarene Study Group

Q: How do I start a Nazarene Torah study?

* Open your home to a few friends for an evening Scripture study.

* Print and distribute copies of the “Free Bible Quiz” at with your address and meeting time written on each copy. Distribute them as widely as you can, put them on doors and under windshield wipers.

* Take 10 to 15 minutes before opening for some get-to-know each other time. (This is only needed in new groups or when there are… Continue

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