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Book by Heiser! "Early Christians understood the typology of this passage and its link back to the fallen angels of Genesis 6. Early baptismal formulas included a renunciation of Satan and his angels for this very reason!"  I wonder his resource & reference?

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I heard a Rabbi speak and say the wise men were Pagan Medes from the tribe of Magi taught by Daniel. Has Trimm Blog

on this subject? My research shows that the word Magi did come from the Medes and they had 5 tribes one called Magi.

The word meaning magician or mysticism. The timeline many countries and languages had picked up this word as many

words have been borrowed around the world. Tradition says that Daniel at 100 years old was alive 3 years after Cyrus



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Revealing Scriptures

There is not many truths that are not already in our todays Cannonized scriptures that I have found. I would like to see a blog started that discussed revealing texts outside our common scriture as I know there are some good ones. Like further explanation of the 6000 rule of man in Barnabas 15. 

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Thanks Christian

The reference in Barnbabas 15 is what I was looking for and their might be other references in the  Apocryphal books

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6000 Years

What refrences outside the Bible is their to the 6000 years of the rule of man on earth? Trimm has written on this before but i have lost this post.

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Sack of Apples

Sir I don't know you from a sack of apples. So have you appointed yourself a throne so you can judge? You sure know many scriptures. I consider myself not warned by anyone. One persons freedom is another persons bondage. This is typical on this blog as discussions go from different points of veiw to personal attack. I knew this would happen on this blog but thought it worth it to bring truth as I see scripture.

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All your scriptures deal with worshipping other Gods

Under your self thought out guidelines Israel should have never used the Star of David it was first used in Chinese Checkers.

We are not under that type of bondage. You give way to much credit to the devil and say he has the right to set guidelines for the redeemed. He has not created anything he has taken things the Almighty has created and tried to make them his own. Personally I'm ready to take back every thing the devil has stolen. He is defeated.

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I have been researching the internet and I have not found any non-mormon known archeologist who gives any of the decalogues any validity. Does anyone have a name?

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Because of the past--anything that you do that looks like it was done in secret, backdoor, or just not upfront and out in the open is going to be yelled out loud by your accusers. I been on your post for a very long time

while many have left I stayed. I have been very disappointed but at the same time learn so much from your teachings. You have a gift that cannot be denied.

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I have asked this question without a answer. What part of the Oral law was given to Moses? What part of the Oral law was given until the Judges? Has anyone been able to decipher this by the writings?

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Great thought provoking article Many issues with the Apocrypha


Many more issues and objections than you raised. I'm still sorting

Yeshua references the Old Testament: from Abel to Zechariah

Yeshua referenced the Jewish Old Testament canon from the beginning to the end and did not include the apocryphal in his reference. "From the blood of Abel to the blood of Zechariah, who perished between the altar and the house of Yah; yes, I tell you, it shall be charged against this generation" (Luke 11:51).

"The traditional Jewish… Continue

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Saved by Water? More to it

What Trimm said is ok but to leave it there does leave out the importance water baptism in my opinion. Acts 2:37-38 And when they heard these things, they were agitated in their heart; and they said to Simon and to the rest of the legates: Brethren, what shall we do [to be saved]? says Simon said to them: Repent, and be baptized every one of you, in the name of the Lord Yeshua, for the remission of sins; so that ye may receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. That makes water baptism pretty… Continue

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