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More on the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11


There is much to learn as the time grows short. The popular belief is that the Two Witnesses of Rev.  11 are two individuals gifted with extraordinary gifts of the Spirit. There is truth in this, but not complete truth, because the understanding is only partial. Paul often refers to the Church as the body of Christ indicating that we are both individuals, but at the same time we are one. This is the same perspective that we must use in relation to our understanding of the Two…


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Who are the Two Witnesses of GOD?


Something the LORD showed me awhile back was brought to mind yesterday, in a conversation with a good friend and brother, who pastors a small church in the Bronx, and a sister Jackie’s posting on One in Y’shua. It is commonly misunderstood by many Christians that the two witnesses of Revelation 11 refer to two people given extraordinary power from GOD. This is what my pastor friend, and many believe and are taught. It is easy to think that, when a reference is made in the singular…


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