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Schtix and Stones: The Books of Enoch Series (May 7th 2012 @ 9pm EST)

Shalom Aleichem everyone, 
Starting on Monday, March 7th 2012, Christopher and JJ Roxx of Schtix and Stones…

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Christopher (From Schtix and Stones) Torah and Talmud Portions for Pesach

The Torah Portion (For Pesach)

Christopher accidentally starts out with Leviticus 9 and then notices how much it plays into the Passover Story, so our apologies, for the wrong portion at the start.…


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KaraiteLand a Mystical Place Of Fantasy And Unicorns and Sugar Plums and Talking Gingerbread Men (Get Your Tickets Today!!)

Now I do not want to get on a rant here....well maybe I do.  But I feel like Mr Ed's owner (Wilber) when he saw Ed talk for the very first time, the look of bewilderment is the same look I have when I hear brethren make false claims about the oral…

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Joseph Israel and Hillel Ben Yochanan Coming to The Nazarene Radio Network

The Nazarene Radio Network is proud to announce there are 2 new programs in the planning for the new schedule, and both are musicians you may have heard on Shofar of Yeshua Radio.


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Schtix and Stones: The Story of Moses and the Israelites (Full Audio and Video of The First Segment)

Christopher and JJ Roxx discuss Moses and the plagues and the judgement brought before Pharaoh and why YHWH hardened Pharaoh's heart.  They also discuss the passover and why you cannot understand the Sacrifice of YHWH through Yeshua unless you keep Passover.  …


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Schtix and Stones: What Is Love? (Podcast from Friday night's live episode)

Description of Episode:

Picture Christopher and JJ Roxx discuss 1 Corinthians 13, Galatians 5:22-25, Ephesians 5-6 and wonder, why can't the body of Messiah apply this?  Didn't Yeshua say that all the Torah rested upon love and yet the body cannot love one another?



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Schtix and Stones: Galatians1 & 2

Picture Christopher and JJ Roxx discuss one of the most controversial letters of the Apostle Paul, Galatians. Christopher and JJ do a verse by verse analysis of the first two chapters of Galatians and discuss how it has been taken horribly out of context by…


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Schtix and Stones Radio Program: The Tale of Two Messiahs (Podcast of Live Episode)

Christopher and JJ ask "will the real sin Savior please stand up!!"  Jesus vs Yeshua, a fight won in Scripture, who is the real Messiah and who is the impostor and the fraud?

Download Episode in mp3

Subscribe on iTunes by copying and…


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Is Judaism Evil as Many Torah Teachers Suggest?

It has been said by many Torah teachers that Judaism is evil, because of Tamlud, the written law, and how Yeshua approached the Pharisees.  I take issue with this based on Scripture, and not from a pseudo-intellectual basis. 

    Lets refer to the book of Esther, Esther converted those whom were under the influence of pagan gods to what?  Judaism.  She lead a charge given to her  by Elohim (plural meaning Mighty Ones, signifying the Father, Son and Ruach HaKodesh) to convert people to… Continue

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The FIRST Live NRN Streaming Show premieres tonight at 9pm EST

Alrighty guys, I have been working on some improvements with the radio station, The Nazarene Radio Network, and we have something really cool starting tonight, Schtix and Stones will go LIVE streaming through the Nazarene Radio Network in real time starting tonight, at 9pm EST myself and JJ Roxx will be taking calls, and we will see about getting Dr Trimm to open up the chat on NazareneSpace so the audience can be involved as they listen to the Nazarene Radio Network and Schtix and Stones… Continue

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Witnessing Media For Our New Covenant Brethren

Shalom Mishpocha,

When I started my walk a year ago around this time, I noticed there was not any sort of beginners guide for people who came into the Truth of Torah.  I have been collecting media for over a year as well from many famous Torah teachers who are believers in Yeshua, and many of which are featured on the Nazarene Radio Network (  But the thing I found that was missing early in my walk in…


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LIVE TONIGHT: Rico Cortes Talks Prophecy on Schtix and Stones

Rico Cortes will be joining Christopher and JJ Roxx for a LIVE call in edition of Schtix and Stones this Tuesday night (9/27/11).

When Rico appeared on Schtix and Stones the first time it was the most controversial and most downloaded episode of Schtix and Stones to date.  It recieved over 1,000 downloads, and over 6,000 feed views in the matter of a month.  In that episode Rico and Mark David Smith…


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Rico Cortez and Mark David Smith Fill In For Christopher and JJ on Schtix and Stones


Mark and Rico discuss Talmud and how the Talmud is used to give a clearer picture to the Apostle Paul, (who said, "I Am a Pharisees" not "I was a pharisee". Rico and Mar discuss the Messiah in the Talmud, the Vail that was torn in two and which vail was it? Well the Talmud helps us there.

Rico's website:

Marks website:…


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Listen live to Restoring Our Nation

Shalom Mishpocha,

I will be filling in for Larry Meadows this week live on Restoring Our Nation, we will begin the episode at 4pm EST 3pm Central the link to listen in is and the call in number is (714) 242-5191 So make sure to tine in today (Saturday, August 27th at 4pm EST)


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Schtix and Stones: Mark Roxx


Mark David Smith is special guest co-host of Schtix and Stones today and talks about his ministry The Messianic Lifestyles Magazine and the Messianic Directory and discuss a whole variety of issues within the Hebrew Roots family



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Exposing Cults Gone Wild: (Pilot Episode) What Is Nazarene Judaism and How Is It Different From Christiandom?

Description of Episode

In the pilot episode Christopher from Schtix and Stones discusses what Nazarene Judaism is, he i laying it all out there on the line so those who will be involved in future debates will not be side swiped.…


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Schtix and Stones: Joseph Israel Interview / Moving on From GLC


Christopher and JJ Roxx Talk with Nazarene Reggae artist Joseph Israel about his newest EP "Be Not Dismayed" which is now available on iTunes as well as the rest of his discography. Joseph takes calls from California to Chicago and North Carolina about his music,…


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2 New Episodes of Schtix and Stones (One on Prophecy, One on Demonic Posession)

The System, The Beast, The Conditions, And More Importantly The Scripture…


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Live Schtix and Stones Call-In Show Tonight at 7pm EST

Shalom Mishpocha,

I wanted to let everyone know at that 7pm EST JJ Roxx and myself will be doing a live episode of Schtix and Stones.  I felt Yahweh confirm something to me in terms of prophecy last night, and I saw a news article this morning that confirmed it to me once again today.  You will not wanna miss this episode.  Simply click on the link below at 7pm EST to listen in and JJ Roxx and I will be in the chat around 6:15pm to talk with you guys in the chat as well.  So make a…


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The First LIVE Call-In Show On The Nazarene Radio Network Was A Success





Shalom Mishpocha,

This is Christopher, the co-host of Schtix and Stones, and we recently tried something last night that will make NRN more interactive, we are hoping.  Though this program does not air till Friday, I am giving all of you the sneak peek.  We recently recorded our first ever NRN LIVE radio program.  All the other episodes were pre-recorded from all the other hosts.  But we now have the capabilities to cut the hosts editing to a…


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