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1/3 of Americans believe the govt. should rip-off the other 2/3

For the sake of the argument, let's say you work all day and earn two dollars, I lay in bed all day saying I'm sick (or some other lame excuse for not working), and earn no money, One in three Americans think the IRS should take away one of your dollars and give it to me (or at least I should get around 64 cents and the government should get around 36 cents in order to buy the IRS new shot guns to administer such social…


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"'ve got me!"

"The difference here [2010] and 1994 is that you've got me!"

That is what Congressman Marion Berry (D-Arkansas) told the media that President Obama said to the Democratic leadership, then Berry promptly announced his resignation from the Congress. And that was before Obama's dreadful State of the Union speech this week. Now all the Democrats are bailing on the president.

In the 70 minute speech the president referenced… Continue

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"The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them." (Psalms 2:4, NIV)

I bet the LORD is having a good laugh at the way President Obama and his Progressive ilk are reacting to His and the American people's rebuke of their policies this week. You can't help but laugh at the man who thinks of himself as the "black Jesus," scurrying to save his health care policy as he realizes that the American people are no longer under his… Continue

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"The Scott heard round the world"

The Progressive/Nazi/Democrats of President Obama got one heck of a wake-up call Tuesday night from Kennedy's Massachussetts and that is the American people don't like them anymore. Their plan to kill us under the guise of healthcare isn't working for them, as a matter of fact, it might just turn out to kill their own political careers. So watch them run away from this death dealing policy and the president who told them they would be in a… Continue

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Merry ChristMao

If you were a follower of Yeshua would you have a Mao Christmas ornament anywhere around where you work or live? I think not. After all Mao was an atheistic Communist dictator who ordered the murder of millions and millions of Chinese people.

All over the web it is reported that our fearless leader, President Barack Hussian Obama, has a Mao ornament on his White House "Holiday tree." What a liar, how sacriligious of the president who… Continue

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When the globe is a god then you have a godly global government

As the high priest of Gaia (Al Gore) and the U.N.'s Copenhagen climate change conference were both shown to be full of hot air, faulty science, and flat out lies, we can't lose sight that all this was meant to enslave us to a global government which would enrich greedy people around the globe like Al Gore and corporations like General Electric.

We can expect more of this because the climate change people are a greedy bunch who really… Continue

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Happy Chanukah: Especially to the Californians

Happy Chanukah to all my Nazarene Space friends especially those of you living in California. I just read an article that our glorious President Obama is ready for a civil war, and if I was him I'd start putting troops in California now.

As this holiday season starts the Californian government has decided to steal 10% more of Californians' income. The government has decided that big screen TVs should be outlawed and any one in the… Continue

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Psalm 83 -- The Next Mideast War? (Tarshish D.C.: America in the End Times)

The latest theory to light up eschatology is the theory of the placement of were Psalms 83 goes on the prophetical Biblical timeclock? This is a great theory for me because it falls in so well with other "end time" and "latter day" ages events filling in more events for modern eschatologists in those ages now as to when every thing was tried to be filled into the seven years of the Tribulation of Daniel and Revelation.

In his book… Continue

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The Rapture and the Unregenerated

I am so suprised at how many of you are so set against the teaching of the pre-Trib Rapture. Many of you will accept the teachings of unregenerated (unsaved) rabbis, -- the leaven of the Pharisees and Sadducees -- but dispute the teachings of the rabbi who was taken to the third Heaven and heard teachings he wouldn't or couldn't share with us. Who are you to think your brain is so puffed up that you are smarter than HaShem or can understand His… Continue

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America (Tarshish) and the RAPTURE

Wow you guys outted me quickly. Yes, that's right -- I am a pre-Tribulationist. I believe Yeshua will redeem His talmidim before the Wrath of God (known as "The Tribulation") falls on this earth. Some of you are dumb enough to cosign me to hell for such a belief, but that's on you not me. As for when (pre-Trib, mid-Trib, pre-Wrath-Trib or no-Trib (amillennalism)) the LORD Yeshua comes back no one can say with a certainty, that is a mystery for… Continue

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Jewish Talmidims' Finest Hour Still to Come!

For this blog the modern movement of Jesus followers will be collectively, called Messianics, and I want to tell you a little about my attitude that as a Messianic about the thoughts and trepadatious I have about these times -- the end times.

Today I know of unofficial numbers that put Messianics at between 500,000 to 200,000 each in both the USA and Israel. Right on God's timeline as soon as Israel became a nation on May 24, 1948 we… Continue

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SS-18: SATAN -- The Murder Weapon to be used on America

One of the big sellers of Prophecy book sellers is the Rapture of the Church. Millions of Americans think the LORD will take them before the end of man-made government, and maybe some will be Raptured, but from my interpretation of Ezekiel 39:6 the Rapture won't happen until the Russians nuke us.

I remember as a young believer the big deal about God was that He was "omnipresent, omnipotetent, and omniesience." With that in mind I… Continue

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The Future, News Headlines, Politics, and Spirituality

One of the reasons I write so much about politics and the news is because the Bible predicted so many of these stories.

One of the things the Bible tells us to look for is the rise evil of our modern society, the falling away of the Church, the rise of Messianic Judaism, etc.... I can give you chapter and verse for most of the news stories from the Bible today -- that wasn't so easy to do as late as 10 years ago.

If you are… Continue

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Obama in "the Enemy Camp"

Liberal, pinko, Nazi-Progressive political pundit Chris Matthews couldn't help himself by calling West Point "the enemy camp" because, like him, the West Point cadets didn't get a thrill running up their legs from President Obama's surrender speech on Tuesday night.

First President Obama told them and us he was going to send 30,000 troops (25 to 50% less than requested of him by his generals on the ground in Afghanistan) and then pull… Continue

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Corruption: Spirititual, Political, and Societial

"For the love of money is the root of all evil...," 1 Timothy 6:10

A lifetime ago I was a journalist with a weekly "The Windsor~Standard," and for some reason I was at a hotel in which then New York U.S. Senator Al D'Amato was giving a news conference. I listened to the questions and none of the major reporters asked the senator about the 800 pound giarrila in the room -- that the senator's brother was indicted that week for… Continue

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Tarshish, D.C.: America in the End Times

I have gotten out my Strong's Concordance and my KJV and found every verse dealing with "Tarshish" and the "isles." I will now put them together showing when the prophets are talking about the Tarshish and isles of their time or of our time. I do this from the knowledge of studying this question in the Bible for three decades now. Thanks to this subject the Holy Spirit

has made me an amature eschatologist -- showing the nation of the modern… Continue

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We are the doomed generation

I want to thank you all for reading my blogs. Because you have shown some interest I want to let you know more about me,. I may blog more about political items than most of you would like -- but we are politicians. Jesus is a king, and like Him He has made us kings and queens as well (Read Peter's letters, read Revelation, chapter one). This makes us political people as well as spiritual people.

Remember Pilate was making a political… Continue

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Tonight the Senate votes to give the Government the power of Life and Death

I am getting old and I am sick. I am a prime prospect for the eugenics program -- Obamacare. No longer are U.S. Progressives happy with murdering people in the womb, now they are trying to expand their power of life and death to beyond the womb. That means they want the power to kill you -- leagally, of course.

These are the decendants of the same people who formed the American Eugenics Society in the early 20th century, today going under the name of Planned Parenthood. But you can… Continue

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Secular Jew Urinates on Your Lord and Savior

Gutless wonder Larry David did an episode of "Curb Your Enthusiam" in which he urinated on a Christian friend's picture of Jesus and his Christian friends thought it was a miracle because it appeared that our Lord and Savior was crying.

Of course this is just the latest affront to our Lord made by Hollywood. If David was brave why doesn't he do that to a Muslim's friend picture of Mohammed,… Continue

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End Time Sign of the Times: Modern Napoleonic Complexes

As a modern Biblical sign watcher a headline and little blurb of story caught my eye Saturday and that was the president of Chechnya leading a military operation as was reported on Saturday, October 2, 2009, in a Bloomberg News story.

Bloomberg reported that Chechnya's president, Ramzan Kadyrov, "led a security operation in which eight rebels were killed." The report went on to say that the "Kremlin-backed Kadyrov oversaw the… Continue

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