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Feeling a bit conflicted and offended

I thought I had finally found a decent church, (church of God seventh day) Sabbath keeping and understanding of my Jewish ways until last Sabbath when one of the elders again brought up the "law", teaching in Sabbath school that it was "nailed to the cross". Our typical banter ensued until he stated "if you keep those old testament Jewish feasts, you are denying the divinty of Christ!" The discussion quickly heated up until I quoted Leviticus 23. with "forever". He began his "That can mean all… Continue

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A nice story...for a change!

A nice story (for a change)

Shalom beloved's,

I found this story from the Rock hill, South Carolina herald, and was compelled to share with you.

Published: Thursday, Sep. 24, 2009 / Updated: Saturday, Sep. 26, 2009 11:35 AM

He works so others are not homeless

By Andrew Dys, Columnist -


Wednesday marked 41 days that the 6-foot, 4-inch tall guy with the tattoo of Jesus on his left arm and the gray ponytail has… Continue

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Hebronics (humor)

Shalom mispacha,

Here's a repost from "" the kosher humor site. (We could all use a laugh?)

Ma, throw me out the window, a pickle!

The New York City Public Schools have officially declared Jewish English, now dubbed Hebronics, as a second language. Backers of the move say the city schools are the first in the nation to recognize Hebronics as a valid language and a siginificant attribute of American culture.

According to Howard Ashland, linguistics… Continue

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Being of one accord

Being of one accord

Shalom mispacha (my family),

The title of this blog pretty well sums things up about how I'm felling about things. Folks please stop all the quibbling! People are watching your actions and taking notes. We are supposed to be examples of God's people, and what sort of example are we setting when we fuss and fight and show little or no love and tolerance.

Now having said that, I'll be a bit more specific:

Please immediately clean up… Continue

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Top Ten Ways Woodstock was like Mt. Sinai

Top Ten Ways Woodstock was like Mt. Sinai

This is a repost from "" (Kosher comedy community). So funny I just had to share:

10. 600,000 people experienced both in the middle of nowhere

9. Both took place at Beth El

8. Both had people claiming to hear "God", except at one they were referring to Hendrix

7. God put on a much better psychedelic laser light show, sans the Grateful Dead

6. A nation was born (or at… Continue

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Millennial reign

Millennial reign

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Hello beloved's!

I was surprized the other day to find some (mostly) likeminded beleivers here in the sticks.

Beleivers in Torah and Sabbath, however a matter of concern was a non-belief in the millenial reign of Yashua (Christ).

Every scripture I have studied makes crystal clear that the (thousand year) reign will take place on earth just following tribulation, and the… Continue

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Feeling a little persecuted

Shalom beloved's.

This past couple weeks have been extremely difficult for me, and a few of my brother's and sister's as well. I have been tried and tested of my faith to an ultimate level.

After last weeks post one of my daughters started pointing a finger (metaphorically speaking) accusing me of being a hyocrite, intolerant, narrowminded, etc. as far as my concluding that society's decline has alot to do with loose morals, a gay agenda and the media. (otherwise Lucifer's… Continue

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Things to come

Hello beloved friends and family.

The following post may be unsettling to some and comforting to others, but you need to be aware as world events fufill prophecies, and I am called upon to be a watchman. Things are unfolding so quickly, that I can barely keep up; from the U.S. trying to force Israel into a "two state" solution, to the world financial crisis.

These days were written of in Revelation, Daniel, Ezekiel, Isaiah and the "minor prophets".

Goverment… Continue

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