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Hermeneutics: Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Judaism has very systematic refined system of Hermeneutics (rules
for understanding the Scriptures).

Christianity differs not in having an alternate set of agreed upon
rules, but in having no agreed upon rules whatsoever!

As the Christian "Church Father" Jerome wrote:

The Jews insist upon a literal interpretation
of the Scripture based on thirteen rules,
but we know that the spiritual interpretation
is far superior.

With these words Jerome articulated well the Christitian
stance. "Literal interpretation" and "rules" which had been an
earmark of Jewish understanding had been abandoned by the "Church"
in favor of "the spiritual interpretation".

2Tim. 2:15 Justifies use of hermeneutics by indicating that there
is a right way to understand the scriptures.

The idea that there is a "right way" implies that there is a "wrong

But what are these "rules" that Christendom had abandoned so early

I have just written a foundational book which answers that question
in detail:

Rightly dividing the Word of Truth
By James Scott Trimm

This book may well be the most complete guide to Hermeneutics
in print today.

This book will teach you Jewish Hermeneutics including:

* The need for hermeneutics.
* The Basic Principles of Hermeneutics
* The Rules of Logic
* Primary Logic Errors and how to avoid them
* The Four levels of understanding of a passage.
* The Peshar Method used at Qumran
* The Seven Rules of Hillel (and how they are used by NT writers)
* The Thirteen Rules of Ishmael
* The 32 Rules of Eliezer
* The Forms of Midrashic Exegesis (and examples of them in the NT)
* How the Hebrew Poetic forms can be an important key to
understanding a passage.

This book is a guide to Hermeneutics which will teach you the
material a Seminary student would learn, plus it will also teach you
what a Rabbinical student would learn in Yeshiva.

This book won't just teach you how to understand the scriptures.
It will teach you how to understand how to understand the scriptures.

It will not just teach you the rules and methods, but will give
examples, often from the "New Testament" of their implementation.

This is a foundational book, a manual everyone should have.

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Comment by nadia tomazic on October 13, 2009 at 6:57pm
Jerome is corect , we are to seek interpretation of scripture to be given to us by the outhor himself But Jerome is mistaken to believe that God of Abraham Isaac and Jakob is giving it to Christianity.....I wish that God of Israel grants you his mercy ... gives you understanding...It is said by Messiah ..'''the flesh and blood did not reveiled it to you...MIND LOGIC INTELECT did not reveiled it to you He knew old testament scripture...out of the muth of his father COME KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERATANDING M,,ESSIAH ALSO KNEW THAT THE WISDOM OF THEIR WISE MAN SHALL PERISH AND THE UNDERSTANDING OFTHEIR CLEVER MEN SHALL BE HIDDEN,,, HIDDEN HIDDEN HIDDEN FROM THEY INTELECT AND LOGIC Messiah have said that only FROM ABOWE FROM THE OUTHOR OF SCRIPTURES COME INTERPRETATION..No Messiah no Paul ever spoke out openly the misteryes of the gospel and the kingdom of God Theese mysteries are delivered individualy to each CHOSEN person by the father... many are called but few are chosen It is fathers promisse to me through Danil that only chosen ones will receive wisdom ..many will search..but no to all wisdom knowledge and the mysteries will be given...My God of Abraham Isacc and Jacob grants yo mercy that you CAN STOP TO RELAY ON YOUR OWN HUMAN MIND,LOGIC AND ANALYTICAL ABILITIES
Comment by James Trimm on October 15, 2009 at 3:28pm
Actually Rabbinic Judaism does have a universally accepted set of rules, the seven Rules of Hillel, the Thirteen Rules of Ishmael and the Thirty-Two Rules of Eleazer. All of Rabbinic Judaism accept these same rules. The three major sects of Rabbinic Judaism (Reformed, Conservative and Orthodox) all agree as to what the Tanak means, they only differ as to what degree it applies today. Christianity is totally different, the thousands of sects of Christendom are divided over what the Scriptures actually mean.
Comment by R S on March 3, 2015 at 12:21am

Nadia Tomazic you are right but I don't think Bro James Trimm is only relying on human mind, logic and analytical abilities.

Problem is there are many believers who only rely on seeking interpretation of scriptures through ethnocentric view, and label their biblical conjectures with "Revelations of Holy Spirit." These believers justify whatever pops in their (as you say) "Human Mind, Logic, and Analysis" with the WILD CARD of Holy Spirit.

Bro Trimm seems to be directing everyone to seek the Will/Law of God, directed by His Spirit, through His Word/Adon Yeshua HaMashiach. Bro. Trimm does not deny the importance of Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh but he also remains within the boundaries of God's Will/Word/Scriptures which protects us from leaning on our own understanding.



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