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There are many rabbis who have been infuenced by paganism. Reincarnation is a pagan concept born from the ancient babylonian mystery religon. It is based on the pagan concept that the soul is immortal. Scripture absolutly refutes this. The soul that sinneth shall die,not come back again in a different form and try again. There is a resurredtion for this purpose,read Ezek. 37 and 38. Judaism was corrupted severly in the Babylonian captivity and hasn't recovered yer. Yahushua came to set the nation of Israel straight and most of the Jewish sages rejected Him. There is a lot of deep spiritual truth in kaballah and there is alot of pagan junk that will lead us astray. We need to compare everything to the Kadosh ketuvim and reject that which is false. Shabbat Shalom Gideon

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Comment by James Trimm on July 31, 2010 at 2:39pm
In fact Abram's father was an idol maker and named his son ofter one of his false gods AV-RAM "high father" and this has become the chief god of hinduism "Brahma". However I do not think theat the immortality of the soul is a pagan concept, that and reincarnation re different concepts. One can believe in reincarnation and NOT believe in immortality of the soul, and one can believe in immortality of the Soul and not believe in reincarnation. The strongest passage I know against reincarnation I know is in Hebrews "Tis once appointed for man to die, and after that the judgment" (Heb. 9:27). There are two variations of the reincarnation teaching among Jewish Kabbalists, one is the traditional reincarnation idea, the other has the whole universe being reincarnated seven times, and teaches that we are living the seventh and final life of the universe- this teaching maintains that we have all lives six times before, but in the previous incarnations of this world. I do not buy this one either, but unlike the other, it would not conflict with Heb. 9:27 (because by that theory Heb. 9:27 would have been true when it was written, as the earlier six lives had already passed forever, and so there was at that point only one life left.

Perhaps a separate thread on the immortality of he soul?
Comment by James Trimm on July 31, 2010 at 2:53pm
I should add that immortality of the soul is not a point of fellowship, it is a matter worthy of healthy "in house debate". There need not be division in the body over this doctrine. (Not saying anyone said there is, just clarifying the point up front.)


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