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The term “Masorah” refers to the marginal notes which were transmitted by the Masorites along with the Masoretic Text. The notes transmitted in the side margins are called the “Masorah Parva” or “Masorah Katonah”. The notes transmitted on the top and bottom margins are the “Masorah Magna” also known as “Masorah Gedolah”. Finally the notes transmitted at the end of the text are the Masorah Finalis.

Among the notes preserved in the Massorah Gedolah are those of the Tikkun Soferim (“Emendations of the Scribes”). Among the Tikkun Soferim are eighteen notations which indicate that the scribes, finding the original reading irreverent, emended the reading to one less offensive. Each of these eighteen readings are indicated with footnotes in the Hebraic Roots Version (see notes to Gen. 18:22; Num. 11:15; 12:12; 1Sam. 3:13; 2Sam. 16:12; 20:1; 1Kn. 12:16; Jer. 2:11; Ezek. 8:17; Hose 4:7; Hab. 1:12; Zech. 2:12; Mal. 1:13; Job 7:20; 32:3; Lam. 3:20 and 2Chron. 10:16). These footnotes also compare other textual readings from other witnesses such as the Dead Sea Scrolls, Samaritan Pentateuch, Septuagint, Peshitta Tanak and Targums to these readings.

The Massorah also notes 134 places where the Masoretic Text reads “Adonai” but which, according to the Masorah, originally read “YHWH”. In each of these locations the HRV has “YHWH” in the main text along with a footnote explaining that the Masoretic Text reads “Adonai” but that the Massorah indicates the original reading was “YHWH”. These footnotes also compare readings from other textual witnesses as to whether they support YHWH or Adonai in the reading in question.

There are also several places where the Masoretic Text reads “Elohim” but which the Massorah indicates the original reading was “YHWH”. In these verses the HRV has “ELOHIM” in all caps.

(For documentation regarding the Massorah and the Tikkun Soferim see: Old Testament Textual Criticism, a Practical Introduction by Ellis R. Brotzman pp. 54-55, 116-120; The Masorah of Biblia Hebraica Struttgartensia by Kelley, Mynatt and Crawford pp. 1-11, 23-28, 37-43, 191; The Tiqqune Sopherim by C. McCarthy; “Scribal Emendations” by E.J. Revell, Anchor Bible Dictionary; Introduction to the Massoretic-Critical Edition of the Hebrew Bible, by C. Ginsburg; pp. 347-363 & Chapter 3. Massorah Gedolah, Vol. 1 G.E. Weil, 1971. The Massorah, C. Ginsburg paragraphs 107-115.)

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