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shalom Barzillai dov Ganya
it is starting to get colder here
apart from my wife i have not found others in my area that don't eat pigs, and don't do pagan holidays, i am still learning,
how about you

Hey bud,

Pigs are in abundance these days, bud, and one must do something with them. If the pagans and their wives are going to create them, it ought to be their responsibility to dispose of them in whatever manner is meet.
But now, we speak on thiswise, as far as we and our wives go, the Jews I mean. We must find our strength and resolves Lawfully, and this means eschewing the popular and the convenient means of men's society. We are called to rise above and beyond and raise the status of our people Lawfully at the expense of our place in popular society.
Jews for Jesus is an excellent resource for your learning. I encourage all Jews to look to them for guidance apart from the Messiah himself and G-d's Word.
Pagans holidays are such an ingrained part of our culture and economic way of life, it is hard to escape their presence and our ingrained desire to be part of celebrations we grew up with or around and are affected by.
Yes, it is starting to get chilly out, is it not? Thank goodness we are not a nation what wastes resources selfishly! How might we endure the cold winter months otherwise? Especially when the majority of our members have grown cold in sinful living.
I know a plumber expert in raising the water heat to a scorching blaze in the shower, which seems to aide him during his winters of discontent. But catches some other household members off guard sometimes!
Oh, for the days of yore and the men of foresight and longevity natural that they may have possessed!
I take it you are a new convert yourself? Fascinatingly involved religion it may be, no?
Ages of worthwhile consideration and emancipating activity to be had in a life lived Lawfully!
Good to hear back from you. May the L-RD bless you in many ways in the year to come.



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Comment by Barzillai dov Ganya on November 5, 2008 at 4:19pm
Halachic Law delves into this a bit here:


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