Nazarene Space is a new kind of online news source which adds another dimension, a biblical perspective on the issues. Clear Truth News will concentrate on three areas: Global Events; Social Issues and Religion.

Global Issues will concentrate on World Events. Regular topics will be the War on Terrorism; Middle East Conflicts; Israel, the United Nations etc. The online magazine will go beyond the surface of the news. It will explore the underlying causes that may have led to them.

Social Issues discussed will include issues like: Abortion, Gay rights, Aids, Religion in Public School, Family Values etc. These articles will not only discuss these social issues, but offer real solutions as well.


If you would be interested in contributing material for this type of publication,please contact us. We are of course especially interested in developing a chain of correspondents in various parts of the world (especially the Middle East).

We are looking for world correspondents who would like to contribute articles to this news magazine. If you would be interested please contact us at:

cleartruthnews "at"

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