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Shalom Chaverim,

I am very excited about some of the developments in the Nazarene movement in the last few days. We now have a logo for the Worldwide Nazarene Assembly of Elohim (you can see the new logo at and the WNAE website ( will soon be revamped to include the logo and have a new updated look. Beit Netzarim Yeshiva ( will start a winter semester in November, and we have just launched Clear Truth News ( a unique online news source which will not only report what is happening in the world, but why it is happening. And of course we are still offering our free Bible course through Davar Bible School ( We are also ministering to the community through the Nazarene Space Social Network ( and Take Hold Books ( And we continue to work on many special projects (like the HRV version of the Apocrypha).

As excited as I am about the work we are doing, I have to say that I am disappointed with the tithes and offerings that have thus far come in for the month of October. We are at an all time low, I cannot recall the last time tithes and offerings for this ministry were this low. I am faced with a number of bills which are due this week, and right now, we simply do not have the funds to pay them. Folks, this ministry depends on Yahweh’s tithe and your offerings to survive. No doubt Worldwide is doing more than any other ministry to bring the message of Torah and Messiah to this lost world. If you believe in the work this ministry is doing, then please support this work. Just go to to donate (this is preferred since in most cases these funds reach us instantly) or mail tithes and offerings to Nazarene Judaism; PO Box 471; Hurst, TX 76053.

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