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I was recently asked to join a group online, and did not agree with all the questions required to be answered upon joining, so I marked unsure or disagreed with everything and joined anyhow. The group owner wished to know why and I responded as follows.

It's not that I necessarily stand against anything, it's just that I disagree or am unsure where I stand concerning the statements we were required to answer in order to join. I felt like I was being forced to answer in the affirmative to things I may not agree with. That is Judaism though...there is freedom and room for a lot of disagreement, except where G-d speaks.
I do not know that I care very much for the "modern" KJV, for example.
But there is unity among the brethren even when there is much disagreement on issues that don't affect our Faith.
I'm trusting to a fault, but am very shrewd. I don't personally know anyone on the Nazarene space, and in my own home there are few members I truly trust.
This is just an online group and like everything online, of little consequence, when you come right down to it.
Don't be offended in anyway. Just take a lesson from how I act, if you may. Vows matter, and when you give your word concerning an issue, even one made when joining an online group, your integrity is brought into question, especially if you fail or cannot live up to your word and promise.
I learn this from my brother. Who failed me and himself, who cannot keep a single vow and one may not trust a word he says. It's not really his fault and he would like to live up to his word. He just cannot.
As the old joke goes, "How do you tell if an alcoholic is lying? His lips are moving."
Thus is my brother, par for the course...
Be careful what you agree to or submit to, don't end up bowing the knee to Ba'al assuming yourself to be a Nazarene or being included in any group formed by supposed brethren online or off.
We all must follow Adonai's example and as Rav Shaul, test everything against the Word of G-d and Torah.

Jam 3:2 For in many things we offend all. If any man offend not in word, the same [is] a perfect man, [and] able also to bridle the whole body.

Word to the wise...



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