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something should have told me that 2 hours sleep was not going to be enough to get me through the day, but I still didn't manage to get to sleep tilll 4:45 am. I have a lovely worship time and feally felt God's peace as I was singing this morning and then I thought i would lie down for half an hour before class. Hmm well I woke up 4 hours later. Oops!

this evening I was outside for a while with my chihuahua speedy. She hasn'lost a fair bit of weight but she seems to be doing better now, thank goodness.

I just got a phone call from the vision impairment consultant from the college we are doing our course through. They cut down our hours from 5 to 3 and now they want us to be cut back firther, and yet they want more work out of us. The man just doesn't understand that the textbook he gave us is not very accessable and how on earth are we supposed to be working on our own if we can't read the textbook? we are practically having to type out the notes as we go through and that is taking up a whole lot of time and now they want to cut us back even further on time with our tutor. It's getting more and more difficult and I don't know what we are going to do. Please pray for us. My friend Maria and I are doing the course together, we are both blind and we are both having problems with this so-called accessable textbook they sent us that is all but unreadable for us and that doesn't even mention the other book they gave us that we're supposed to work through that we don't have in any format at all.

I'll try and get one of my poems up here in the next day or two, I've written a couple of ones recently that I think are ok but I haven't had the inspiration I used to.


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