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Davar Bible School is a new way to reach the masses with the truth of
Torah and Messiah. Here is how you can help:

You download the one page (front and back) free Bible Quiz at:

You print as many as you like, have copies made at a copy shop if you
wish. Distribute them as widely as you can. Give them to friends at
work, put them on people's doors, put them under windshield wipers
(especially in church parking lots :-) ) Thumb tack them to bulletin
boards in laundry rooms or where you check your apartment mail. Make
it a download on your own website. Email it as an attachment to
people you know. Send the Quiz link above to all of your MySpace
friends. With hundreds of you out there distributing the Quiz, we
should (together) distribute thousands, even tens of thousands of

Ordinary people take the free quiz and return it to us. They know
that doing so will entitle them to a free Bible Correspondence course
that will teach them even more Scriptural truth. (And people luv free stuff)
They can also check a box to tell us if they are interested in visiting a Bible Study in
their area (in which case we can attempt to match them to a local
study group).

This effort will ultimately reach thousands, even tens of thousands of
people with Torah based Scriptural truth.

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Comment by ohevyisrael on August 5, 2008 at 8:50am
great idea-I'm in!


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