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64% of Israelis say it is time to rebuild the Temple

The ran an article of an interesting poll that was done last week in Israel for Tishah B' Av, asking if Israelis think it is time to rebuild the Temple on the Holy Mount in Jerusalem. A whopping 64 percent said yes and over 50 percent of secular Israelis said yes.

The Israelis are starting to wake up to the fact that the world would like for them to just die. So no matter what they do the world condemns them as Nazis, while the Nazi actions of the Arabs are overlooked. So why not stick it in the world's face and rebuild the Temple on the Temple Mount?

Of course this poll and recent Israeli public opinion hasn't gone over well with the Israeli left, who find their arguements for "Land for Peace" as a hollow shell after giving up the Gaza Strip only to be repaid with Hamas rockets for their good will to the poor Palestinians. The Israeli left is now pleading to President Obama to help them out with Israeli public opinion, but Obama is giving them the cold shoulder in favor of his Arab friends.

So good for the Israelis! It's about time they woke up to the fact that the world hates them. Thank President Obama for this awakening, just as he has awakened average Americans to the lies of left-wing politics. People are more and more realizing that the political left is a dangerous haven for political radicals that want the power of life and death over as many people as they can. Remember the Nazis were a German Socialist political party. And the Nazis were political cousins to the American Progressive political movement.

That is why this health care bill of Obama's is loaded with provisions for abortion and euthanasia. Yes, if passed the American political left will have what it always wanted -- the power to control and kill you. That is why I call them the Nazi-Progressive Democratic Party. There is hardly any difference in this health care plan than the Nazi euthansia laws of the 1930s. It all comes from the same sick Luciferian political roots of leftist politics.

My hope and prayer is that the average American and Israeli becomes aware of this before it is too late.

Shalom Aleikhem,

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Comment by nadia tomazic on August 6, 2009 at 11:21pm
Believers in Christ are divided in they believs about Temple..I know that in the book of Revalations is resorded that Jevish people will KILL AGAIN LAST PROPHETS wich will God send..The scriptures are teling us clearly JUST REMRANTS WILLBE SAVED..Rest of Israel will perish I will prefere if they give mony to the poor peop[le begging today in shopping centres and from dor to door Frend of my Messianic Rabbi fron Jerusalem is writing regulary about begging Israeli people and if we cannot give them food then we do not know God


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