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A Brother Under Attack... or Testing the Bold Claims of the House of Aaron?
James Trimm

Response to:
A Brother Under Attack (by Frank Houtz)


Frank Houtz writes:

>John has come under attack in the last few years
>due to what seems to be strange teachings of the
>community prior to his leadership.

Actually I have nothing personally against John Conrad, by all accounts he is a nice guy. I simply have a sincere difference of opinion with him over theology.

And let me be clear, the issues I raise are current.

The House of Aaron makes a CURRENT claim that Glendenning received a special calling to restore and reactivate the House of Levi and Aaron through God’s messenger Elijah.

My point has been that the best way to test this claim is to examine the very revelations which Glendenning claimed to recieve from Elijah.

And I did just this in my recent article The Plain Truth About MIA/ARI's House of Aaron

The House of Aaron makes a far reaching claim that involves all of us. Either Glendenning received a speacial calling from Elijah to restore the Aaronic priesthood, or he his a false prophet.

Are we not permitted to test these far reaching claims?

It seems that the House of Aaron can make these claims publicly, but if one dares to question them publicly, one is accused of "attacking" John Conrad as a person.

These revelations have been published by The House of Aaron under Robert Conrad's leadership and in the last few days John Conrad has stated: "We do have in our possession the Levitical Writings and have never made a secret of them. We consider them inspired..."

The facts are:

* The MIA/ARI has a long standing alliance with John Conrad and the House of Aaron. In fact he is scheduled along with you, to be a speaker at the upcoming MIA/ARI conference.

* The MIA/ARI has John Condrad and his wife in a position as "shepherds" directed to “…address the needs of member congregations as well as doctrinal issues that impact the Alliance, and they offer overall suggested guidance for the MIA.”

* John Conrad and the House of Aaron claim to be a restored Aaronic priesthood reactivated beginning with a special calling of Maurice Glendenning through God's messenger Elias (Elijah).

* Glendenning's revelations which he supposedly received from Elijah are recorded in a book called the Levitical Writings which has been published by the House of Aaron.

* The Glendenning's Levitical Writings are filled with false prophecy, unique Mormon doctrines (Baptism for the Dead, Eternal Progression, Sealing for all time and Eternity), other bizarre doctrines (supporting evolutions and reincarnation) and references to the Book of Mormon as truth. Moreover they use unique Mormon terminology and the revelations are numbered beginning at 137 so as to continue the Mormon Doctrine and Covenants which ended at that time at 136 (and this numbering was also supposed to have been directed by Elijah).


The Levitical Writings are false, Glendenning was a false prophet and his alleged restoration of the Aaronic Priesthood through Elijah is equally false.

Moreover as I have also shown in my recent article: Moroni and the MIA/ARI's House of Aaron

Glendenning's claim to have a special calling to restore and reactivate the House of Levi and Aaron through God’s messenger Elijah, originates not from our canonical text of Malachi 5:5-6 (Which both the MIA/ARI and House of Aaron quote in regards to the House of Aaron's mission) but from a revision of this text which Joseph Smith Jr. claimed to have received from the angelic personage of Moroni.

Questioning the truth of the bold claim of the House of Aaron concerning Glendenning and his alleged revelations from the angel of Elijah is NOT launching a personal attack on John Conrad, who I am sure by all accounts is a great guy. But I would not want to have the leader of the House of Aaron as a speaker at a theological conference, I would not have the House of Aaron as a partner in my ministy and I absolutely would not make John Conrad as shepherd and direct member congregations to seek doctrinal advaice from him, as the MIA/ARI has done.

Please read the two articles I have sited above and ask yourself:


Is this a personal attack on John Conrad or a sincere attempt to examine the bold claims of the House of Aaron?


Have I given Glendenning's claims a fair examination?


Do you believe Glendenning received revelations from Elijah? Or do you believe he was a false prophet?



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Comment by hazel Crowley on June 26, 2013 at 9:03pm

Since when is a passed on Elijah supposed to have authority to command people here on earth.

Comment by James Trimm on June 26, 2013 at 9:55pm

Well the idea of Elijah restoring the priesthood comes from Joseph Smith (Mormonism):

Comment by hazel Crowley on June 26, 2013 at 10:53pm

Thanks for infomnig me.

Comment by Douglas Clausman on June 27, 2013 at 9:01am

I appreciated reading Frank's general letter of support to the House of Aaron, and the Conrad's specifically. The HOA seems like a wonderful assemblage and outstanding as to what could be determined a “level 4” messianic community. Lord knows, that I would like to find this is the kind of communal structure for myself and family.

I personally know both Frank Houtz and Ken Rank as our families know each other, visited Beit Minorah on a number of occasions and kept Sukkot with the local congregation. Though I have never met John Conrad, I have listened to and presented his Who is Israel CD, in various situations to different folks as a good representation of two house teaching, specifically the house of Israel.

Let me communicate something that I have seen occur a number of times in my trek through the Hebrew Roots jungle. I have witnessed a teacher or fellowship leader have a lot together. They might speak eloquently and articulate well salient points of scripture. Further, in many ways they bare fruit in keeping with repentance. From an initial glance they seem to have much together. However, when challenged in a point of deeply held belief, them refusing to “go there.”

In a specific instance, this leader would not allow himself to be placed under scrutiny. And I have have seen a defense mounted to a point that caused me to question the rational of doing so. The motivation and effort to deflect attention away from a point of controversy took precedence over the the legitimacy of the question raised. Perhaps the revelation conflicted with an image of what the group or leadership specifically desired to promote.

The questions that James Trimm raises are not an attack against a brother. His is a genuine inquiry as to the legitimacy of the foundational doctrine(s) of the HOA. I would like to see someone either from the HOA or the MRI/ARI address the issues that have been raised.

Comment by James Trimm on June 27, 2013 at 1:51pm

We have been overwhelmed with feedback on the House of Aaron blogs, I though I would share some of the comments with you all. I have not included the names of any of the writers, so as to preserve their privacy:


Shalom my precious brother in YAH ~ I am so grateful to you for revealing and exposing false doctrine and, basically, cults that have been established in these end times. Thank you for your courage in revealing the truth. May our beloved Avinu and Melech bless you and your household in all ways, always, and you continue to serve Him faithfully. I pray that Father shall grant you the deepest desires of your heart, Amein.


We have researched your blogs on John Conrad and are anxiously awaiting His replies. We find your questions to be quite warrented and have also sout out answers ... and need to know where Conrad stands in the Issue.


...after reading Frank's lengthy response I found myself saying: Ok, John's a swell guy, but what does he *believe*? ...


 I will say that we DO NOT believe that the Lev. Writings were written by an angel and it sure would be nice to see some of the leaders involved in this to denounce it.


I have to agree you have raised some very important and concerning issues. I do not understand their determination to not denounce the Levitical Writings. Especially MIA.

"Glendenning claimed to have received a number of revelations given to him by Elias (Elijah)" - FALSE. that sounds like necromancy ( talking to the dead ). No need to read any further. It is false and dangerous. Thanks for sharing.


Just more deception that Yeshua said would take place in the LAST DAYS. Anyone claiming to have seen or spoken to ELiYahu is a false servant / false teacher / false prophet.


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