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A Buddhist Wants to Know My Spiritual Views. Here is a question a viewer of my health show asked and my reply in the video. 

Could you elaborate on your spiritual views? Is there more to it than what’s in the Bible? Have you studied A Course In Miracles, which integrates Christianity and Eastern thought? Do you feel that the Bible is complete and adequate for modern times? What about Eastern schools of thought such as Buddhism? It seems to me as though many of those who have the most profound peace of mind and the highest levels of enlightenment are those that practice meditation, which isn’t really taught in the Bible, only in Eastern traditions and in the more mystical or esoteric branches of Christianity and Judaism, not more mainstream ones. How does your “spirituality” differ from mainstream Christianity and Judaism (which embrace organized religion and various specific cultural traditions that seem to have little to do with spirituality or establishing a personal connection with anything divine). What does “spirituality” mean to you?

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