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A Message From James Trimm - Secularization of America


As many of you know, I have been in full time ministry for most of the time since around 1996.  (There were a few times when I supplemented income with secular work along the way).  In those years, I have watched this country become a place I hardly recognize, as generations have changed and America has secularized and liberalized.

Back in the early 1990's I wrote:

Now you may be saying to yourself: “Ok, so they teach Torah-lessness, but don’t the Torah-less teachers of 2Peter & Jude go so far as to teach sexual immorality? Surely the Torah-less teachers of within the church would never use their “the Torah is not for today” teaching to promote sexual immorality.” Wrong! Some of Christendom’s teachers have already carried the “the Torah is not for today” reasoning to its fullest and logical conclusion. A sect of Christendom known as “The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches” has published a tract which does just that. The nameless author of the tract writes:

“Another Scripture verse that is used to show that the Bible condemns the gay lifestyle is found in the Old Testament Book of Leviticus, 18:22, “Thou shalt not lie with a man as thou would with a woman.” Anyone who is concerned about this prohibition should read the whole chapter or the whole Book of Leviticus: No pork, no lobster, no shrimp, no oysters, no intercourse during the menstrual period, no rare meats, no eating blood, no inter-breeding of cattle, and a whole host of other laws, including the Law to kill all divorced people who remarry.
“As Christians, our Law is from Christ. St. Paul clearly taught that Christians are no longer under the Old Law (for example in Galatians 3:23-24); that the Old Law is brought to an end in Christ (Romans 10:4); and its fulfillment is in love (Romans 13:8-10, Galatians 5:14). The New Law of Christ is the Law of Love. Neither Jesus, nor Paul, nor any of the New Testament Scriptures implies that Christians are held to the cultic or ethical laws of the Mosaic Law.”

(Homosexuality; What the Bible Does and Does not Say; Universal Fellowship press, 1984, p. 3)

---end quote

Today this quote could have come from a number of mainline denominations now embracing homosexuality!

As one generation began to pass, and a younger generation came on the scene, donations to this ministry declined.  By the summer of 2017 donations were so low that I sought out and found a full time secular job to make ends meet.  Unfortunately I lost that full time job and check in mid September of 2018, during my wife's 53 day hospital stay.  When we returned home, and since then, my wife was in no shape to be left home alone.  So of necessity I have gone back to full time ministry.  It is my hope that you all will support this work.

Today's secularization is largely due to a perception by many that the discoveries of modern science are not compatible with biblical faith.  

This is very much like the wave of skepticism that came across the world in the time of Philo of Alexandria.  Philo's works are largely aimed at responding to a world that had become skeptical.  He sought to interpret the Torah in light of the intellectual thinking of his time.  Philo made a very interesting comment about Genesis 15:6:

“It is best, therefore, to trust in God, and not in uncertain reasoning, or unsure conjectures. "Abraham trusted in the Lord, and it was counted to him for Righteousness” (Gen. 15:6) And Moses governed the people, being testified to that he was faithful with his whole house. But if we distrust our own reason (LOGOS, Word), we shall prepare and build ourselves a city of the mind which will destroy the truth.”
(Philo of Alexandria; Allegorical Interpretation, III, 228)

It is time now to center on a rational faith to respond to the world's skepticism.

We really need to raise about $1,500 by the end of the day Monday (2/11/19) to make sure the rent and other bills clear

The rent is due, we are behind on bills and paying copays for doctor visits and tests.

Any amount will help!

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