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Anti-Missionary Infiltrates "crept in unnoticed" Fulfills Prophecy (Jude 1:3-4)

Anti-Missionary Infiltrates "crept in unnoticed" Fulfills Prophecy (Jude 1:3-4)

In these last days we must beware for prophecy is being fulfilled.  Jude wrote:

3 Beloved, while I was very diligent to write to you, concerning our common salvation, I
found it necessary to write to you, exhorting that you should earnestly contend for the
Trust, which was once for all delivered to the Set-Apart-Ones.
4 For certain men have crept in unnoticed: who long ago were marked out for this
condemnation; wicked men, who turn the grace of our Eloah into perversion, and deny
the only Master and Adon, Yeshua the Messiah.
(Jude 1:3-4 HRV)

In an email ex-Messianic leader Ira Michaelson sent out on October 28th 2012 to "Beth Tefillah Community & Friends" he wrote:

"Things came to a head for Lori and I just before Passover [April 6th 2012], and we could no longer keep going on maintaining the status quo.... It was at that time that we came to the realization, that for us, there is only YHVH and Torah. We no longer saw the relevance of Yeshua (Jesus) in our lives,... we have chosen at this time [Oct. 28th 2012] to speak openly about this,..."
(Dates inserted - see the entire email in context at: )

Micahelson admits that he rejected Yeshua as Messiah before April 6th but did not choose "to speak openly about it" until October 28th 2012... at least seven months later!

During those seven months Michaelson continued to present himself as an "Orthodox Jew" who "saw no way to deny" that Yeshua was the Messiah, even leading a Messianic Jewish congregation in a faith he himself had already rejected!  

This seems more than a little bit dishonest and hypocrtical.  In saying "we have chosen at this time to speak openly about this" Michaelson is essentially saying that he was instead speaking covertly during those seven months as an anti-missionarry infiltrator in the believing community, while publicly presenting himself as a believer.  This is shameful behavior, even for an anti-missionary.

It is also an exact fulfillment of Jude's prophecy, so we should not be surprised.

Here at the Worldwide Nazarene Assembly of Elohim we will not waver, we will continue to profess that Yeshua is the Jewish Messiah of Judaism. We will continue to earnestly contend for the faith. I suspect we have brought more religious Jews to Messiah than any other ministry out there.  We have distributed hundreds of free copies of Mashiach: A True Jewish Perspective at and our book Let's Get Truthful has become a key source in debating the anti-missionaries.

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Comment by David L Johnson on November 19, 2012 at 2:19pm

We are told to stand on Holy Ground, if we are Holy, that ground we stand is Holy, and we have great influence in gods name to affect others in his work.  We are in deed warned to keep a watchful eye, by those who lay in wait to decieve us.  I think many times, Lucifer is not the cause, but our own prideful vain carnal minds, who choose to think  they know better then Elohim and Yeshua our Savior.  If we are not one with them, can we be on Holy Ground, and if not, we may only hear the buzz from the World/Babylon, and become blind, and walk in darkness at noon day, and won't even realize it.

Comment by Ayina Qeren on November 20, 2012 at 9:22am

In addition to this what I don't understand is: Why do so many messianic people follow anti-missionaries? Why do we follow people who firstly... deny the Messiah and secondly, deny Torah.  There are currently two people I am thinking of that many Messianics go to for info and teaching. One denies Messiah the other is a Methodist preacher who to me is more of a spiritual puppy... following along with whatever the rejecter of Messiah says.

We are those who are like in Rev. 12 sand 14 who bear witness of the Messiah and who hold to the instruction of Torah.  Those two teachers together are the anti-thetical to Rev. 12 and 14.

Why don't people see this?

Comment by David L Johnson on November 21, 2012 at 11:44am

To follow Elohim, you have to have a major degree of the Holy Spirit, if not, you are left to your own pride, vanity  and desires.  I see this over and over again in the Scriptures,and in many about me in life, those without the  proper spiritual rudder, to stear a clear true course. They are good people, with well meaning intentions, but are decieved by well meaning people, who think they are doing Elohim's will; I see that well meaning Do Goodiers do more damage then the actual evil people in the world, the Blind Leading the Blind, if you will.

Comment by andy tsaftarides on November 27, 2012 at 8:29pm

please stop calling Him yeshua-Tehillim 68:4 "By His Name YAH."I come in My Father's Name" said YahuSha.Is the Ruach stopping people from saying Yah?or do people "Bring His Name to naught"?



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