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August in Texas and the AC is Out!

Yesterday we sent out an emergency alert and not one penny has come in, but to make things even worse, this evening our air conditioner broke down... and this in the August Texas heat!  As I write this it is after midnight and 80 degrees outside, but tomorrow it is expected to shoot up to close to 100 degrees! 

This is a serious problem because the heat is very hard on my wife's health (she is disabled and suffers from a neurological condition).  We have no idea what it will cost to get the AC fixed, but this is the worst possible time, we just do not have it!

I cannot tell you how many of you have contacted me over the months and years and told me how important this ministry and this work is.  We appreciate your prayers and your moral support, but now we need you to step up to the plate and back us with your financial support as well.  

If you believe in the work we are doing here then now is the time.

Please help us bring the message of Messiah and Torah to a lost world and create Scripture study materials for believers.

Do You Want This Ministry to Continue?  We cannot make bricks without straw.

You can donate by going to the pay-pal counter at or donations can be sent by paypal to

Donations can also be made out to “Nazarene Judaism” and sent to:

Nazarene Judaism
PO Box 471
Hurst, TX 76053

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Comment by Melanie anderson on August 20, 2014 at 7:28am

my ac went out last week-  in my 7th month of pregnancy- and all air conditioner repair guys were busy!!   It was a hot week!   Will send funds out today!   Shalom


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