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Some may say this is the wrong place for posting music. Explanation:

This composition of the ripe JS Bach is wellknown only to classical guitar players. For them it is very difficult and therefore used in contests. Yet it was composed on a keyboard by the createst composer ever. (G-d himself if we consider it as prophetic inspiration).

What you hear is by far the best interpretation available. E. Petri was chief disciple of the great composer and Bach expert F. Busoni.

The later Bach was interested in original christianity, Kabbala, numerology ... Bach had access to Rosenroths latin translation of the sohar and Arnolds german translation of Clements Recognitions. Today he would likely be a nazarean.  About BWV998 = 26 (sic):

In particular the 1. motiv of Fugue could have a secret underlying text: "Je-ho-shua ha Ma-schi-ach." The short and often repeated theme following could mean "Je-ho-vaah". I suspect that also the endless melody of the prelude has a hidden text, but so far this hasn´t opened for me. Ideas? 

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