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Beit Din Officially Canonizes 27 Books of Ketuvim Netzarim

Today the International Nazarene has taken the important step of officially canonizing the following books of the Ketuvim Netzarim. This should not be construed to mean that in the past we have not regarded these books as canonical, but it seemed appropriate that a Nazarene authority should officially declare these books as canon rather than appealing to any authority from the Roman Catholic Councils of Nicaea or Trent.

Mattitityahu (Matthew)
Yochanan (John)

Ya’akov (James)
1Kefa (1Peter)
2Kefa (2Peter)
1Yochanan (1John)
2Yochanan (2John)
3Yochanan (3John)
Y’hufah (Jude)

It is important to note that the Beit Din considered and dismissed Monte Judah’s arguments against the authority of the book of Hebrews.

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Comment by James Trimm on June 16, 2010 at 5:02pm
If you understand the history of canonization, those by Ezra/Nehemiah and Judas Maccabee for example, it is wholly appropriate for the Beit Din to officially declare canon. Part of the factors we consider is that the book os being widely read and used in the Nazarene Community. So on a certain level, yes the Beit Din is telling the sommunity what it should already know.
Comment by James Trimm on June 16, 2010 at 5:07pm
In the past many Nazarenes were hard pressed to say exactly why we use these 27 books, is it because of the Council of Nicaea? Obviously not. It is helpful to say that the International Nazarene Beit Din has ruled that they are canonical.
Comment by Aish Tamid on June 16, 2010 at 7:49pm
I would sans Acts of Paul, and possibly Shepherd of Hermas (verdict is still out...) but Barnabas, Didache, and Revelation of Peter are wonderful texts.
Comment by Levi Azcarreta on June 17, 2010 at 1:18am
Anaiah you cannot canonize everything you find out, thats inappropriate, it seems that you are ridding a chariot of emotions and feelings, let's get real, for ex. you cannot make a 'bible' with all these writtings because you might be fooling many people's life and destroying the gift of salvation with all those pseudo-talmidim writtings. Maybe it is a good idea to sell them by separated just like interesting books and interesting information, but not selling and calling them as 'THE WRITTINGS OF THE TALMIDIM OF YAHOSHUA MINATZRAT [From Natzrat]' because you MIGHT be wrong and therefore you will be fooling and deceiving people's life. I saw your profile page, and I saw the answer from the question 'What is your favorite Book of the Scriptures?' and you answered: '1. Book of Enoch 2. Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs 3. Shepherd of Hermas 4. Book of Jubilees 5. 2 Baruch 6. 2 Esdras 7. Gospel of Thomas' Let me tell Anaiah, thats absurd,no sense, those books are NOT Scripture, in Judaism for example when you talk about "Scripture" it means that EVERY letter and EVERY Yod comes from Divine Inspiration, thats Scripture. Scripture is not what I FEEL [feelings - The heart is deceitful above all things] that is Scripture, no sir... we have to learn how to control our life using the intellect and wisdom and get rid of those emotions.Your faith cannot be based on these pseudo-talmidim writtings, those writtings are just INTERESTING, that's all. When you find the TREASURE [Mashiaj Yahoshua] in the Real Davar [WORD] of Yahweh Elohim then you are NOT looking some pseudo-"TRUTH" in other writtings [Mattai 13:44], and like I said before, those writtings are JUST interesting, but you cannot build your faith in those pseudo-talmidim writtings.
Comment by James Trimm on June 17, 2010 at 10:36am
It says "This should not be construed to mean that in the past we have not regarded these books as canonical,"
Comment by Aish Tamid on June 17, 2010 at 2:28pm
Well Iejezquel Ben Efrayim, the Nazarene Beit Din has officially canonized several books on Anaiah's list... Enoch and 2nd Esdras. Although, the rest of those texts it seems there is no common consensus on.
Comment by James Trimm on June 18, 2010 at 12:38pm
By what authority does the Beit Din canonize? Well of course there is a long history of canonizations by restored Beit Dins. When Ezra re-established the Beit Din (the Great Assembly) they affirmed a canon. When Judah Maccabee re-established the Beit Din (The Senate) they also established a canon. As for the basis for the authority of the International Nazarene Beit DIn, see the free PDF book The Apostasy and Restoration at
Comment by James Trimm on June 19, 2010 at 9:30pm
Some questions for James Trimm:

>1 - Have you allowed Andrew to speak on your behalf, Mr. Trimm?


>2 - I think something either IS or is NOT canon - does this Beyt Din not recognize this distinction?
>Or is there a third category, if so, what is it's nature?

Currently there is no third category. Though non-canonical books could be divided into two catagories:
Those that are actually apostate and those which are not.

>3 - Have you (unofficially) canonized Jubilees, or intend to canonize it?

No to both questions.

>4 - Would you agree with me that the Torah is on all accounts and in all ways superior to Jubilees?



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