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Brotherly appreciation for the video by Chaiyim Ben Ariel "Envy of Ephraim"

I read some of the information you have posted about being grafted in and I have also seen your  video teaching about Ephraim. I wasn't able to watch the ending but all that I did watch was in line with the truth. I have a lot of information regarding why the Natzarim represent Ephraim as the spiritual descendents of Messiah as well as the difference with the false brothers/followers represented by Esav/Edom. I wanted to know your position on why many Nazarenes allow for the false teachings of fantasy physical connections to Ephraim when any one able to read the Hebrew properly can see the prophetic wording in Drash form is speaking of spiritualy grafted in members, former gentiles. Rav Shaul clearly taught these truths. Adonai has given the physical descendants Yehudah, Torah and the spiritual descendants Ephraim the testimony of Yeshua, so that they can come together as one. Even though both my father and mothers' father are of Jewish descent I know that Adonai loves us all EQUALLY, native and wild branches. You do not have to be physicaly connected, we are all one people Israel. Many Jewish people, and even interested Christians, get pushed away from the truth when they here many of the Hebrew roots movement ignore Y chromosome DNA, and historical records, only to invent fake history about physical descent. True Natzarim are a greater testimony to Yeshua when people know that they follow Torah because of Yeshua and not a pretend lineage. Another aspect of the "Envy of Ephraim" is the envy of grafted in Natzarim torward the Jewish people(Yehudah) for their physical lineage. At the same time Yehudah should learn to appreciate the need for Ephraim's(Natzarim) grafted in testimonies of the transforming power of Yeshua. Either way it was a very good video.

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