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This is a comment Lew white posted as comment to a video. Because this is an awesome interpretation with the the title above. The video I posted here is about the

*You Don't Want a Microchiped World* -- Dr. Katherine Albrecht

Please watch the video whether here or on YouTube:

Brother Lew comments like this :

There is a riddle at Rev. 13, and it concerns "buying and selling".
The beast is organized in 3 layers of control: clergy, nobility (rulers), and common people (laity). It effectively steers all nations and peoples, exerting its authority.
The beast order endeavors to misdirect the qodeshim away from Torah, and hide the true Name of salvation, and His Word (wisdom). 
To "measure" or "calculate" the wrong day for Sabbath would certainly be an obvious target for the enemy, and we see that those who adhere to the incorrect "Sabbath" can "buy and sell" (on the true Sabbath). Those who cannot "buy and sell" have calculated (interpreted) correctly, and therefore do not profane the true Sabbath. The beast doesn't prevent anyone from "buying and selling", it is the result of NOT having the mark of the beast that restricts us from "buying and selling" - but only on the Sabbath, the 7th day of each week (not Sun-day).
It is apparent also that those who have the beast's mark would also have received the beast order's counterfeit name - JESUS, the anti-Mashiak; a Torah-destroying savior that "saves" from both sin and the Torah. The elect will not be misdirected, and they are the ones who follow the Lamb: the Natsarim. The only name given for salvation: Yahusha (Yah is our deliverer).
THIS IS A awesome eyeopener LEW SHARES WITH US!

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