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By 8PM Central Time Today- Commemorative Edition

This morning we are over $7OO in the hole.  The largest portion of that is our electric bill.  This must clear our bank tonight!

Therefore, between now and 8PM Central time today (Wed/ 6/19/2019) anyone who donates at least $55O by Paypal will receive one of the special Commemorative editions of the HRV (only ten will ever be printed, only seven are left).  

In the unlikely event that more than seven people donate $55O during this short time, we will contact those after the first seven and offer them a return of their donation.  To those who donated more before this offer, we will be doing something additional special for you.

We must dig out of this hole fast.  If you cannot donate $55O then any donation will help, and any donation is better than no donation.

Donate by Paypal to

James Scott Trimm

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