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Christendom Seeks to Gentilize Yeshua!

Shalom Chaverim,

A major prophetic event that the Scriptures state will occur before the return of Messiah, is just about ready to occur, in fact it is happening right now!

… but in the land of their captivities they shall remember themselves.
And shall know that I am YHWH their Elohim: for I will give them a
heart, and ears to hear: And they shall praise me in the land of their
captivity, and think upon my name, And return from their stiff neck,
and from their wicked deeds: for they shall remember the way of their
fathers, which sinned before YHWH. And I will bring them again into
the land which I promised with an oath unto their fathers, Avraham,
Yitzchak, and Ya'akov, and they shall be masters of it: and I will
increase them, and they shall not be diminished. And I will make an
everlasting covenant with them to be their Elohim, and they shall be
my people: and I will no more drive my people of Israel out of the
land that I have given them.
(Barukh (Baruch) 2:30-35)

This restoration is upon us. Even as the Churches continue to proclaim a "Jesus" that frees them from the "bondage" of the Torah.

Yes the Churches will continue to teach a Torah-less "Jesus" who came to "free you from the bondage of the Law", but truth seekers are learning that the Torah is truth, that the true Messiah, Yeshua, is that Torah truth incarnate and that the Torah is not bondage, but will set you free!

There is no point in asking the Christian preachers and priests about this prophesied restoration of Torah truth as they have rejected what the Scriptures plainly tell us about Torah truth. Modern Christian authorities are hopeless in giving even the basic truths of Scripture.

From a Scriptural perspective Christianity is way off of the mark, it is far removed from truth. By the end of the first Century Gentile Christianity had become a new and different religion, severing its ties with Nazarene Judaism. The Nazarenes, who remained true to Torah were maligned by the “Christians” as “heretics” and “Judaizers” (oh my!—as if to say that which is “Jewish” is evil). This “Christianity” was almost entirely anti-nomian, Hellenistic, pagan and even anti-Semitic.

This new Gentile Christian faith maligned Torah, characterizing it as bondage from which one needs freedom and deliverance, claiming Torah was totally void of any positive spiritual value.

These Christians lost any connection with Hebrew or Hebraic thought. In order to “Gentilize” “Jesus” He had to be stripped of his Jewish language. Even the “New Testament” was “gentilized”, as the Greek translations of its books replaced the original Hebrew and Aramaic. The books were rearranged to give priority to the allegedly “Gentile” epistles of Paul. Greek philosophy and Greek hermeneutics were applied to a Greek New Testament to produce this new anti-nomian, Hellenistic religion. Pagan festivals (Christmas, Easter, Sunday keeping) replaced the biblical Jewish feasts. The Hebraic-Roots of the faith had been totally severed.

Restoring the Scriptures to the world literally and properly translated from their original Hebrew and Aramaic and with the books restored to their original manuscript order, is a major part of this last days restoration.

The Hebraic Roots Version has restored the Scriptures to their original manuscript order, using the original Hebrew and Aramaic (rather than the Greek) and eliminating the anti-nomian mistranslations. But HaSatan will not give up his anti-nomian Greekish New Testament without being dragged kicking and screaming. It is no surprise that an ostensibly Christian organization is now suing us, seeking to effectively ban the HRV Scriptures.

YHWH has called us (you and me and all of the Worldwide Nazarene Assembly of Elohim who are the Remnant) to present the real truths of Scripture to the world. All of us who are members of His Assembly need to be about our Father’s business.

I am honored to be able to be partnered with truth seekers as this restoration of Nazarene Judaism moves forward in fulfillment of prophecy.

It is you who make our work at the WNAE possible. I realize that it is not the activity of James Trimm alone (in my quest to teach Torah and Messiah to a lost world with all the vigor and enthusiasm I can muster) who is responsible to do this work, it is all of us together who are charged with the responsibility of accomplishing this work. I very much look on the efforts of the WNAE as a cooperative one with each one of you. We are all joint heirs with Messiah and should always be about our Father's business in teaching the Torah and the Messiah (and the Messiah is the Word, the Living Torah) to this lost world.

The Hebraic Roots Version has now been in print for eight years (since 2001) and during that time the HRV has become a staple in the Hebraic Roots movement, and the standard English edition Scriptures for much of Nazarene Judaism (the official version of both the WNAE and IANI).

I am constantly hearing from people who tell me how much the HRV has helped them in their understanding of the Word of YHWH. Do not let the Enemy prevail in banning the HRV.

Now more than ever we need your financial support. A special legal defense fund has been created to defend the HRV against this Christian organization. The WNAE is barely receiving enough funds to function, so we are asking the community to increase giving in order to support the WNAE and to help us defend the HRV from this frivolous law suite. HaSatan’s plan here is to financially tie down the WNAE and potentially ban the HRV Scriptures.

If you are not already tithing now is the time to start, the rubber is hitting the road, the battle is heating up, and there is no more time to play around. If you do not feel that you can tithe, then please make whatever offerings you can, as the time is now, the battle is here.

You can make donations to this legal defense fund at or at You can also make tithes and offerings to the WNAE general fund at the same locations.

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Comment by Brian Forbes on August 17, 2009 at 12:40pm
Different issue, same post:
I think you ought to be careful about clumping all Christian denominations together. There are as many varieties of thought in Christianity as there are hues of sand. I actually don't attach myself to Nazarene Judaism, yet I find your teachings to be very insightful and correct. When you and your friends start slamming me and my friends, it lessens the value of your ideas for me, at least some. It makes it harder for me to promote your ideas to them.

You can do with that what you want. I hope you come to realize that it's not me that is suing you. I'm strongly opposed to limiting your influence. I actually like the work you're doing, even if I don't agree with every detail of your theology.
Comment by James Trimm on August 17, 2009 at 12:48pm

You miss my point. You are not seeking to prove that YOUR view of Messiah is wrong, you are seeking to prove that MINE is wrong. Your argument against MY view of Yeshua as the Messiah based upon the clain that he could not have rejected the Sanhedrin's authority is a false argument, for the reasons already stated.

As for the deity of Messiah, I am not a Christian either, but it is fairly easy to show that many (perhaps all) Jews in the Second Temple Era DID believe in the deity of Messiah.

This is proven in my blogs at:
Comment by James Trimm on August 17, 2009 at 10:34pm

I am not sure you are a Christian, you, may only think you are.

The term “Christian(s)” actually only appears only three times in the “New Testament” and the word “Christianity” never appears at all.

Some interesting facts about the word “Christian” that would surprise most “Christians”:

1. Paul never calls himself a “Christian” in the NT, though on several occasions he calls himself a “Jew” on one occasion a “Pharisee” and on one occasion he agrees that he is a leader of “The Way” which is “The Sect of the Nazarenes”.

2. The word “Christian(s)” never appears in any of Paul’s writings.

3. No believer ever in the NT refers to themselves or any other believer as a “Christian”.

4. The term Christian as it appears in the NT always is described as a term coming from the lips of non believers. It was a derogatory term. In fact one writer (Kefa) associated being called Christian with “suffering”.

5. There is a good case to be made that this deogatory term was only applied to Gentiles or former Gentile converts.

OK also the term “Christianity” was coined much later, around 98 C.E. by Ignatious of Antioch. He is the first to ever use the term. He uses it to describe

Paul also said to the Ephesians on his last visit to them:

I know that after I am gone fierce wolves will enter in among you
without mercy upon the flock.
And also from among you there will rise up men speaking
perverse things, so that they might turn away the talmidim
to follow after them.
(Acts 20:29-30)

Paul seems to indicate that after his death leaders would begin to rise up in his stead that would draw people to follow themselves and draw them away from Torah. Perhaps the some of the very men who had twisted Paul's teaching into anti-nomianism would one day become the leadership. In fact Paul died in 66 C.E. and the first overseer (Bishop) of Antioch to take office after his death was Ignatius in 98 C.E.. Ignatius fulfilled Paul's words precisely. Upon taking the office of Bishop over Antioch Ignatius sent out a series of epistles to other assemblies. His letters to the Ephesians, Magnesians, Trallianns,
Romans, Philadelphians and Smyrnaeans as well as a personal letter to Polycarp overseer of Smyrnaea have survived to us.

In these letters Ignatius asserts the absolute authority of the office of "bishop" (his own
office) over the assembly. Ignatius writes:

…being subject to your bishop…
…run together according to the will of God.
Jesus… is sent by the will of the Father;
As the bishops… are by the will of Jesus Christ.
(Eph. 1:9, 11)

…your bishop…I think you happy who are so joined to him,
as the church is to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ is to the Father…
Let us take heed therefore, that we not set ourselves
against the bishop, that we may be subject to God….
We ought to look upon the bishop, even as we would
upon the Lord himself.
(Eph. 2:1-4)

…obey your bishop…
(Mag. 1:7)

Your bishop presiding in the place of God…
…be you united to your bishop…
(Mag. 2:5, 7)

…he… that does anything without the bishop…
is not pure in his conscience…
(Tral. 2:5)

…Do nothing without the bishop.
(Phil. 2:14)

See that you all follow your bishop,
As Jesus Christ, the Father…
(Smy. 3:1)

By exalting the power of the office of bishop (overseer) and demanding the absolute authority of the bishop over the assembly, Ignatius was actually making a power grab by thus taking absolute authority over the assembly at Antioch and encouraging other Gentile overseers to follow suite. In the past such disputes were resolved by the Nazarene Sanhedrin of the Nazarene assembly in Jerusalem (Acts 15).

Moreover Ignatius drew men away from Torah, not only at Antioch but at other Gentile assemblies to which he wrote:

Be not deceived with strange doctrines;
nor with old fables which are unprofitable.
For if we still continue to live according to the Jewish Law,
we do confess ourselves not to have received grace…

let us learn to live according to the rules of Christianity,
for whosoever is called by any other name
besides this, he is not of God….

It is absurd to name Jesus Christ, and to Judaize.
For the Christian religion did not embrace the Jewish.
But the Jewish the Christian…
(Mag. 3:1, 8, 11)

(This is the first time in History that the term “Christianity” appears and it is characterized as a new and different anti-nomian religion apart from Judaism).

But if any one shall preach the Jewish law unto you,
hearken not unto him…
(Phil. 2:6)

Now Paul's prophecy was being fulfilled. Gentile leaders were causing men to follow after themselves and drawing people away from Torah, and it was springing forth from the first Gentile assembly. The result was the birth of a new Gentile religion that had effectively rebelled against Torah based Judaism, a religion known as “Christianity”.

Thus the Ancient Nazarene Historian and commentator Gish’fa (Hegesippus) (c. 180 CE) writes of the time immediately following the death of Shim'on, who succeeded Ya'akov HaTzadik (James the Just) as Nasi of the Nazarene Sanhedrin and who died in 98 CE:

Up to that period (98 CE) the Assembly had remained like a virgin pure and uncorrupted: for, if there were any persons who were disposed to tamper with the wholesome rule of the preaching of salvation, they still lurked in some dark place of concealment or other. But, when the sacred band of Emissaries had in various ways closed their lives, and that generation of men to whom it had been vouchsafed to listen to the Godlike Wisdom with their own ears had passed away, then did the confederacy of godless error take its rise through the treachery of false teachers, who, seeing that none of the apostles any longer survived, at length attempted with bare and uplifted head to oppose the preaching of the truth by preaching "knowledge falsely so called."
(Hegesippus the Nazarene; c. 185 CE Eusebius; Eccl. Hist.3:32)

Gish’fa indicates the apostasy began the very same year that Ignatious became bishop of Antioch!

So as you can see I am not lumping all Christianity together, I am using the word according to the way the word was defined by the man who coined it.

There is only one true faith (Eph. 4:5) which was once and for all delivered (Jude 1:3). But that faith was Judaism not Christianity.

No one knows just when the one true faith came to be known as "Judaism". The earliest known usage of the term "Judaism" in written literature is 2Maccabees 2:21 where it is said that the Maccabees, fighting the Greeks are described as "those who strove zealously on behalf of Judaism". The term Judaism was in common use well before the first century being commonly used by writers such as Josephus and Philo.

Paul himself uses the term "Judaism" in Galatians 1:13 to describe his own faith (see Acts 23:6 for proof that this passage was comparing Paul's former life in Judaism with his current life in Judaism).

Yeshua came to be the Jewish Messiah of Judaism.

If Yeshua had created a new religion, that would have disqualified him from being Messiah, because Torah forbids us from creating a new religion.

So you see Brian, maybe you only THINK you are a Christian…
Comment by Brian Forbes on August 19, 2009 at 4:22pm
"So as you can see I am not lumping all Christianity together, I am using the word according to the way the word was defined by the man who coined it. [...] If Yeshua had created a new religion, that would have disqualified him from being Messiah, because Torah forbids us from creating a new religion."

As I read that whole thing, I agreed with every word! I can't find fault in any of what you said. And yet, I didn't know all this history until you told me about it (mostly before now). Having come to know it, I don't think I have changed my entire paradigm. It's just a small tweak to what I already have established in my mind.

If I had to pick one thing that sets this assembly apart from that which I come from, it would be that you have good reasons for picking which scriptures we should follow whereas they pick and choose based on their whim.

You said this in another recent blog regarding rules, "This salvation comes by faith through grace alone and is not earned by Torah observance."

What I see as the fundamental difference between you and them is a minor issue when compared with being called! I see the lives of people leading other movements. They are clearly living and moving in the Ruach HaQodesh. They pray for people and the people are healed! I have an example of that, where the pastor over the high school group dove into the ocean, hit a sand bar, and broke his neck. After months of prayer by the whole church, he's not only walking, but he has full use of all his faculties. It's a miracle that only the Creator could have accomplished, and it only happened through prayer. A kid in the high school was brain dead, it seemed, but when his dad commanded the demon to leave upon the leading of the Ruach HaQodesh, the kid was completely healed! It's much less impressive, but I prayed for a vacuum the other day, and after days of searching, discouragement, and the prayer, literally 3 minutes later, I got a response that I could have an $1800 vacuum for $30. Elohim is moving in my life and the lives of people who congregate with me.

Most of them eat pork and shrimp. On Sunday (not Friday night, or Saturday), they had pork sandwiches for sale. I don't know if any of them cover their heads during prayer. They are, honestly, paying a lot more attention to the things that Yeshua did, trying to emulate Him in his miracles and other bizarre behaviors. They'd be the types to try to walk on water.

I happen to think that they are wrong in many things. I don't think they should eat pork. I don't think they should watch R rated movies or say "bad" words either. But if they do, I don't think that disqualifies them from the assembly of Israel. Even if they don't fully know what makes them members, or even what the whole things looks like, or who is included and who is not, I don't think their position on this issue plays into the grace we need to acquire salvation. We are chosen.

I think the definition you have for "Christianity" is an accurate historical definition. It is not what I meant when I talked about hues of sand. When I said Christianity, I meant those who, today, bestow that name on themselves and those who meet together with them. I think the vast majority of them would reject "keeping the Torah", and by this I mean they would go on Survivor and do the "drink blood pudding" challenge. Most of these people would have no issues with you promoting the HRV. At least that is my guess at their stance.

I'm really glad I'm not their judge. I'll be ashamed enough by the life I lived, grateful for my own salvation.

Comment by Brian Forbes on August 19, 2009 at 4:26pm
By the way, if you were in CA and not TX, I might stop in to one or more of your gatherings. I really think this group is great.


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