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(Week of April 17th)

"What Do You Mean... 'Church'?"

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Comment by Lionel Robinson on April 21, 2011 at 9:24am

I want to let you know that you are doing a great work for Messiah. I truly admire your humbleness relative to an issue of some members on various sites, including here also, tend to come with human reasonings and start debates and disputes and twisting of Scripture to make their point in accordance to their own agenda.


Yet, you never reply. You never feed back into it and that is humility from the Set-apart Spirit dwelling in you.

How each of us gets out there and spreads the message of the Reign of the Father, immersing others into His Son’s Name, should be facilitated by the specific GIFT we have been given by the Savior’s Spirit, not molded after a man-made technique, or one we’ve just cooked up ourselves. Scripture makes it clear that in Mashiach (Messiah) there is no distinction between Yahudi (Judah, Jews) and Gentile, but those who live and think “in the flesh” make these distinctions all the time.


We all stumble in many matters; but we serve the same Messiah. Our need to rush to point out perceived errors must be tempered with sincere love for one another, not motivated by selfish ambition. We have to accept correction with humility, but this correction needs to come from “The Word”. Arguing over how we are to conduct ourselves with human reasoning is probably a dangerous and pointless endeavor. May we all serve Yahushua Messiah in ever-increasing unity of faith, resulting in obedience He finds acceptable.

Philippians 1:15-18

Yah Bless You Brother Trimm! and Shalom!

Comment by Barz Ganya on April 21, 2011 at 12:10pm
2 Peter 2
Comment by Becky Cheek on April 21, 2011 at 1:33pm
Wow! Learned a lot today. Love your radio!
Comment by Patrick W. Thibodeaux on April 21, 2011 at 6:55pm
Thanks for telling the truth.  I have been follosing your website for sometime and use some of the material in my weekly studies, which I hold on the Sabbath.  Keep teaching truth so I can do the same.
Comment by Lionel Robinson on April 23, 2011 at 2:35pm

Church: The Old English word was CIRICE, and you will see it spelled CHIRCHE written above many old “church” entrances throughout England. This is from the West Germanic KIRIKA, which is based on the Greek deity’s name, CIRCE. Circe was famous among Pagans for turning men into pigs, or other animals, using drugs. The original English translation from the Greek text by John Wycliffe (about CE 1380) used the word congregation for “ecclesia”, the called-out body of believers. The original set-apart ones who studied and “did” the Word (Commandments) were called Qahal in Hebrew, from which we get our word “call”. The “saints” were the set-apart ones, known as qodeshim.

Comment by will brinson: ferguson on April 26, 2011 at 5:03am

Well Christian, you’re out numbered so it seems because James has made a very good point. In fact the very point in which many through Catholicism have strayed (this includes Protestants).


Thanks James for pointing out this very important FACT (that Christianity has no basis what so ever from within the Set-Apart Scriptures). One could say that Christianity is Sawtawn’ love child [i.e. – spawned of Sawtawn; a.k.a. – church] , awmane [Strong’ #H543].

Comment by will brinson: ferguson on April 26, 2011 at 8:00am


You said, and I quote – The Antinomian churches are the synagogue of Satan, and it's not because of the English word "church”. And I as well as Trimm say no but they used the word “church to get their Antinomian views established.


Trimm' whole idea of exposing the "CHURCH" was not to argue word play but to expose the “replacement theology” by showing how false teachers perverted translations of Scripture to help promote the Sawtawnic gospel of Christianity, as a warning - to say if you are in Babylon get out. The main focus was not so much as to the wording the false teachers used as much as the actual meanings of the Scripture they sought to hide, so that people could understand the truth of the matter.


Again it is not about weather they should have used the word “called out ones” or “church”, it’ about the fact that they used the word “church” to hide the true meanings of Scripture for the soul purpose of promoting a false gospel. But you seem not to be able to grasp this picture, and for some reason want to argue elitist linguistic word-play to no avail.


Once more, Trimm is not arguing which wording is superior to the other, he is only but trying to expose the false replacement theology by exposing their false translations. YES “CHURCH” is not a poor translation but a FALSE TRANSLATION, get it, whereby the Sawtawnic beliefs of “THE CHURCH [a.k.a. – antinomian christian theology]” was born.


I reiterate that you are the one thats mind is limited to "elitistic linguistic word-play", instead of seeing the big picture presented here,

and remember:

Wisdom Never Lies Inked To The Pages Coddled By A Book

But Rather At Rest Supply About The Inside Of Open Minds

That Render The Confounds Thereof.


Seek  And Ye Shall Find

Yea Unto Therefore

                               Read The Word of Yahhooah Ore And Ore ... Extolling Ever Again 

                                                                        To Thine Be The Glory

                                                                  Hallelu-Yahhoo …Awmane [Strong’s #H543]


P.S. – as for “anecdotal arguments” every thing you have said is just that, even the parts you made-up yourself.

Comment by will brinson: ferguson on April 30, 2011 at 7:40am



First off as to your statement – and I quote –“Will, Antinomianism predates English. So stop with the demonization of the English language.” – I say who are you to tell me what to do, and or when to do it?

Yes, as to your order, or anybody else’ for that matter, I say “Heavens no I will not jump at your command”.


Anyway I already new about the fact that Antinomianism predates English, and by the same token keep in mind English does not predate Antinomianism. And the word “church” should not be used to describe the body of true believers because it is a false translation - period. Antinomianism is one thing, but using false translations to lead people a stray into antinomianism is another (but then again how else could they lead people astray except by false translations, to which is why this tread was started as a warning to people about the false translation of the word “church” as part of a conspiracy to lead them into the Sawtawnic belief of antinomianism [and yes a false translation is demonic no matter which language one uses, so the word “church” being used in the Scriptures is purely Sawtawnic as can be (and it does not matter if one translates the term “church” into any other language it is still demonic when used in the Scriptures because it has no real place in the Scriptures to start with [and that a fact jack]).


I‘m glad you finally got past complaining about “elitistic linguistic word-play” to no avail, yet I see you are still using  “anecdotal arguments”, this time pertaining to the name will (i.e. - Vili). By the way did this name exist before the pagan deity was named by it, or was it first used for the pagan deity? If it has originated with the pagan deity I will start using my second name “brinson” unless you can show that “brin” had originated as a pagan deities name as well, in which I’ll then revert to using my pseudonym “The Texas R.A.T. (“Rebel Against Tyranny” that is).  Other than that if they did not originate as pagan deities names, and being I am not using them as false translations within the Scriptures, then it really would not matter if I use these names for myself, but Yahhooah has laid His WORDS out for all to see and to pervert them with false translations and then turn around and say to the people that exposing these falsehoods that they are just being ridiculous for pointing out the perversions is out right Sawtawnic in it' self, awmane. At this point I would like to purpose to you to take some of your own medicine by “STOP DEMONIZING” people for trying to expose false translations (yes “false translations” not “elitistic linguistic word-play”). Just a thought.


Anyway while we are on the subject of “demonization” the name “Christian” was first used as a Nissi to rally people unto a false religion. Yes it originated as a Banner for Sawtawn’ Antinomianism. Truly if I were named “Christian” I would change my name in a heart beat with out a second thought. This is not an order for you to change your name, but a well meaning suggestion. Personally I cringe at the term.



The Texas Rebel Against Tyranny

P.S. – Sawtawn’ lies are tyranny


P.S.S. – as to you’re quote – “… if you had read my statements without bias you would see that.
The Antinomian churches effectually "say they are Jews, but are not", by way of their replacementism.” Again, I did read your whole post with out bias and never said that you did not say what you said, but at the same time if you could take a bit of your own medicine and chunk your bias you would be able to see that James was not demonizing the English language, nor I, but exposing false translations within English translations, as well as any other language one would falsely translate the Scriptures into, in order to point out the false theologies behind them (the so called bigger picture). Basically it seems as if you are getting hung up in the details before you get as to why James was using the method he used in order to expose the bigger picture. Anyway hopefully you’ll catch on in time that there was never any “elitistic linguistic word-play” going on around here, as has been falsely accused.

Comment by will brinson: ferguson on November 1, 2011 at 5:25am



is this broadcast availible for download some where? I would like to be able to burn this on CDs along with some other of your broadcasts and pass them out to people. I think that this is an important message, along with some others you've made, that people should here. And how will they here lest they get a CD so they can listen at home in their cars and or anywhere they happen to be, awmane.

Comment by James Trimm on November 1, 2011 at 6:54am


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